Feeling low after Arimadex????

Feel a bit stupid posting this as most complaining of depressed mood ON Arimadex.
After diagnosis in 2000, mastectomy,chemo,5 yrs Tamoxifen and rest on Arimadex,finally spoke with GP and said enough and stopped Arimadex. Joint pain/stiffness, pins and needles etc gone, but feeling very low. Is this a common reaction experienced by anyone else?
Don’t usually post here but feel GP not the best one to ask as he’ll probably just prescribe more tablets of a different kind.

i had terrible mood problems ON arimidex. So bad in fact that I cannot take anything else. Tamoxifen has been suggested but may do the same thing. I was on quite a high after I came off arimidex but came down three weeks later.I spoke to my onc and bcn about this until they gave me an appointment. I think the chemo, rads and hormone stuff as well as having cancer totally messes up your mind as well as your body for a long time if not for ever. I am 18 months after dx. It is worrying to think I could have these problems after 9 years !! I think the mood lowering affect of all of this is vastly underestimated and I have found very liitle support about it.I have changed my antidepressants and had counselling but it is still very difficult. I hope I havn’t madeyou feel worse and wish I could come up with a solution.