Feeling low after surgery

I had surgery on 14th March and as my cancer was caught early, I am optimistic about my long term future and I have been feeling generally well and positive, although getting tired very quickly.

However 9 days after the op, I am feeling really low and weepy and not really wanting to be around people much. Is this ‘normal’?

Hi Mim53


Everyone is an individual and deals with it in different ways. I had my surgery on 29th January and start my radiotherapy on 3rd April. I have been very positive but that does not mean that at some points in the process I haven’t felt down and weepy. I am sure if this is the way you are feeling at the moment it wont last and you will start to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Another thought are you on hormone treatment, as this can change your mood. Any other questions please ask. Don’t feel alone in this as there are lots of lovely ladies on this site to give you the support that you need.

Take Care


Hi Mim 53


like you I am not too worried about my cancer, it was small, non aggressive and caught early but my worry was the treatment, I am generally happy and positive but I do have low times when I just want to curl up in a dark place and cry.


it’s like a delayed reaction. there is no ‘normal’ just normal for you. You feel how you feel when you feel it.


I’m sure all the ladies (and men) posting on here feel the same at some times in the journey.  If it gets to you you can post on here, rant, ask questions about things that concern you. No question is stupid. Whatever you’re feeling I can guarantee someone else on here has been there.


Take care