feeling low

Hi everyone,haven’t been on the forum for a while but right now I need a good moan.I was doing so well after my surgery in july.it’s been one thing after another.in the middle of my radiotherapy sessions I  developed a bacterial stomach infection,which made me quite unwell.took antibiotics for 3weeks,thought it had cleared but then I started with really bad indigestion which I was very reluctant to eat.I was sent for a endoscopy which wasn’t very pleasant but the results was healthy.don’t know if it’s because my immune system is low but I have a urinary tract infection,sick of the site of antibiotics.now waiting for to see my oncologist to start my hormone therapy in December.I don’t usually moan like this,but you all know it’s bad enough coping with the cancer alone.maybe I am feeling a little sorry for myself.hope all you ladies out there are fighting this horrible disease.love to you  all x

Hi Daiseykins


It’s impossible to be upbeat all the time and you sound like you have reason to feel less than boyant at the moment. It must seem like one thing after another. It could well be, as you say, that your immune system is low and so you are picking these infections up. It is good that there is nothing more than infections.


I hope that you start feeling a bit more yourself soon but do allow yourself to be ‘down’, we are allowed! And moan here anytime you like.


Take care.