Feeling normal???

Hi all

I know the answer to this question before I ask it but when will I feel normal again?? It will be different for everyone I know but I finished my chemo in January and had a bilateral mastectomy in February after being diagnosed with triple neg last July.

I have returned to work on a phased return but most days I am still wiped out, regardless of how much I have done or not done. I just want to feel normal again and not have the constant nagging fear in my mind about feeling ill.

As far as you can say please give me some hope in the near future that I will feel ok soon xx

Hi Nickik,

I didn’t have the same diagnosis or intensive treatment and surgery as you have had to go through. I do remember being very fatigued (more than just being tired) for several months after radiotherapy. 

I hope that someone else who’s been through the same or similar to you and can help you more, will respond to your post.

Are you able to reduce your hours again to give yourself more recovery time? It sounds like you’re doing too much at the moment - everyone is different in how long they take to recover - both emotionally and physically and you’ve been through a lot. Because you’ve had cancer you’re covered by the Equality Act work wise. Might be worthwhile also to get in touch with your Breast Care Nurse at the hospital to discuss your exhaustion and worries about recovery time.

Look after yourself



Hi Nickik,

Just bumping your post up as no replies so far from others who have or have had similar difficulties as you. 

This section of the forum seems a bit quiet atm.

Take care



I finished my treatment end of April this year that was chemo, op and rads I am probably older than you being 64 but young in mind and body 64 (well I was)
I think we put too much emphasis on getting back to normal - the secret is to go with how your body feels and just go with the flow.
There is NO set time we are ALL different so please do not beat yourself up - so what if you feel tired, deflated it’s expected you are going through vast changes to your body please don’t feel let down with your body.

You will get there - will it be the old you (that I cannot answer) I know I will never be the same person I was before all of the treatment) but I am coming to terms with that and adapting to what I can do, and not what I cannot do (for me it is the only way to move on) looking back is self-defeating.
Let your mind and body heal expect good days expect bad days it’s normal - give yourself a HUGE hug, be kind and forgiving to yourself - little steps will gradually turn into bigger ones.

Lots of good wishes hugs, wine gums (I love them) from me and the moglets.

Poppy xx