Feeling overwhelmed

This is my first post and I’m feeling so overwhelmed with the events of the last 3 months. Following my first screening mammogram I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS and booked for a WLE 3 weeks ago. Having been told it was a small procedure I was surprised at the discomfort I felt 2 weeks later. On Thursday I was told the cancer was now invasive and although small, I would need a repeat WLE with SLNB which I had yesterday.

The care I have received has been outstanding but I feel so overwhelmed by it everything and a little scared of what else I will be told.




I’m sorry you find yourself in this position. I can’t say much that’s of immediate comfort but there are many of us who have faced the same horrible situation. The fact is, consultants have to change their diagnosis with each new piece of information they get - the only good thing about it is that discovering something now reduces the risks for you. Had things been left unidentified, heaven knows when you’d have realised there was more going on.


In my case, I had a clear mammogram. Six months later, I asked my GP to look at my nipple. She referred me on ‘just in case.’ The consultant didn’t think there was anything to worry about (and I had a clear ultrasound). A week later, biopsy results indicated cancer - I’d need a partial mastectomy and radiotherapy maybe. A week later, I’d need a full mastectomy and (after node biopsies and a more thorough ultrasound) a full axillary clearance. After surgery… I’d need chemotherapy, the full works. It’s not always a straightforward disease to diagnose when people may be asymptomatic or veer from the norm.


I wish I could make it easier but it’s early days. They may uncover more, they may have uncovered it all now - but you are in the best hands with consultants who are obviously on the ball so your prognosis must be good in the long run, even if you have to undergo far more treatment than you anticipated. Meantime, steer clear of Google. If you have questions, ring the number at the top - they are helpful and reassuring. Good luck with what lies ahead x

Hi Glitter29

First of all a big hug from me. Welcome to the forum, you’ve had some great advice from Jaybro. 


You have had a massive shock, but you should also be aware that anaesthetic can make you feel even more down. After I had my mastectomy I remember feeling even more low than I expected, and I was told that it can take a while for the effects of the anaesthetic to wear off.


One of the best pieces of advice was to take one day, or even one hour, at a time when things felt really tough. Now is the time to focus on yourself, lots of lovely treats and accept any offers of help. Do you know when you will get your results? It’s hard while you are waiting, but try not to think about that - easier said than done of course. There is a great book that was recommended to me and that I now recommend called The Cancer Survivor’s Companion by Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins. One of the first pieces of advice they give is that “thoughts aren’t facts. A worried thought is just your interpretation, it is not a fact”.


I wish you all the very best for your recovery and some reassuring news when you get your results. Keep doing the exercises you were given (I had a mastectomy, but I think you are still supposed to do exercises with WLE, but I may be wrong). Please ask if I or anyone else can help further, or just chat away if that helps. We all understand how you feel. This is such a great place for support.

Hugs, Evie xx