feeling paranoid

I had a lumpectomy on the 22nd July which showed I had removed the invasive cancer but have widespread dcis, so after waiting for results and waiting for plastic surgeon, making mind up I am now booked in to have strattice implant on one side on the 7th Oct, earliest I could get in which meant a 6 week wait seeing the consultant. My fear is now that it is spreading while Im waiting. Its not in my lymphnodes but fear it will travel there from waiting and also if they chop through all these ducts containing dcis, has it not released outside of these places…


Of course you feel paranoid,however,your case would have been discussed at MDT.meeting and was decided you woul be fine to wait for a few weeks…I waited from Dx to surgery for 6 weeks.But,just thought that the medical team  would know best.All the best…oh yes,I had high grade DCIS.