Feeling really nervous - 1st mammo tomorrow

Hi all,

It’s been a difficult few weeks for me dealing with all the first anniversaries (dx, mx etc) and tomorrow I have my first post-treatment mammogram. I am sooooo nervous about this! I thought I would be fine but now it’s just a day away I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about it. To make matters worse I am going on my own as my poor OH is in bed ill and I have no other friends/family living locally who could go instead. Aaaargh, I promised myself that I would be cool about this but it’s proving really hard!

I know there’s not much anyone can say, as obviously I do need to go. I guess just writing about it here is a way of acknowledging my fears.

Nymeria x

I recently had my first mammo and was a wreck before I had it but it wasn’t too uncomfortable and hopefully yours like mine will be clear good luck jmr

Hello Nymeria,

Going for your mammo after being already on the roller coaster ride before is going to be difficult for you try and keep positive easy said than done i now,
you got through it before and i am sure you will again albeit perhaps
being more scary this time as you have already been through it.

sometimes i found it more helpful on my own so i am able to compose myself first get my head around things before answering family questions.

Your OH would be there for you sorry to know he is unwell, there is a lot of us ladies on here who will send you positive thoughts walking the same road as you.

Be thinking of you tomorrow Pat xx

Hi Nymeria,

I had my first post op Mamm on Friday, I was surprised at how nervous I was. I didn’t find it any more uncomfortable that it was before surgery but I am definitely suffering from the once bitten twice shy syndrome and can’t wait for the results. Will have to wait two or three weeks for the results.

Good luck today.


Hello there Nymeria!

Thinking about you today - it’s not been an easy week for you with all those anniversaries. Sorry your OH hasn’t been able to go with you today. I bet he’s been thinking about you though!

Take care of yourself!

Much love,
Shelley xxx

Thinking about you too as I can remember how nervous I was at the first one. In fact, I got into such a state that I exited the room into the wrong changing room and there was another lady in there. She told me she was 7 years down the line and that made me feel a lot better, so perhaps I was meant to meet her. That was 4 years ago now and I have an appointment at the clinic next week - hopefully this will be my discharge from 5 years remission.