Feeling rubbish

I’m so angry that I’ve got secondary breast cancer. 
went through 9 ops plus chemo etc and now I’m on a never ending 3 weekly treatment and I feel rubbish. 


Reaching out to send you a hug and say “I hear what you’re saying” and sending you a hug xx

I often find myself very angry as well. I’m six months into my secondary diagnosis and keep having continuous ups and downs and treatment changes, it does my head in.  I am grateful though that I can still do some “normal” stuff each day, otherwise I think I wouldn’t be coping!

If you don’t mind me asking, when were you diagnosed with secondaries and what treatment have they got you on?

Hi  I was diagnosed 5 months ago and am on 3 weekly treatment for as long as it works. I know it can feel awful, so sending you lots of positive wishes. Not sure if it helps  but when I feel low I try and change my thinking and concentrate on the fact that there is treatment that works . It does usually help 


I always think it’s best to let our feelings out as in not push thoughts down and hope all will be ok, not helpful in my own experience anyway.

You have every right to feel angry that you are still undergoing treatment and at times it can make us feel dreadful.  With Secondaries, it’s knowing that there isn’t an end date to the treatment, it’s there to keep us alive.  Have you spoken to your oncologist or breast care nurse to see if there can be any tweaks to your current treatment regime? Would you consider counselling or therapy to talk through your feelings? Just a suggestion anyway. 

Very best wishes to you xxxx