Feeling rude!

Hi ladies! Oh dear! I’ve suddenly felt quite rude at not answering to some of the lovely comments you ladies send to me on my threads or in someone else’s thread! There are so many threads I might comment on but then I forget which I commented and what! Sometimes I might be busy or just simply having a rubbish day! I know non off us should feel this way but it’s a bit different than texting or messaging on fb as its easier to monitor!
It’s the last of our worries but just wanted you to know.xxx

I know what you mean, need a notebook to jot down who’s said what and when! xx

Maybe you should just start a new thread for all the ladies you are talking with, keep things a bit more co-ordinated ?

I know, I feel I don’t always reply either but I so find forum invaluable for info and grateful for everyones support. X

I have noticed if I am signed in then click on my own name it just brings up the threads I have started or commented on x I lose track too lol but would never take offence if I posted and someone didn’t reply as I am sure I have missed some replies too xx

I totally understand what you mean. I having been struggling so much to keep up with these threads. I actually thought about leaving the site as I felt I was contributing and I was missing saying thanks or wishing people luck. I have actually got upset about it on more than one occasion, over the weeks since diagnosis. I have to remember to ‘cut myself some slack’ as they say!
Michele xxx

It was fine. Easier than the Boob MRI, lol. Much more comfortable lying on your back, lol. Just dreading the results xxx

Hi Michelle,
Please dont worry about missing posts, that’s the last thing that should be on your mind. Just join in as you want & need to.
Loads of best wishes for the scan
ann x

Michelle I guarantee everyone of us have failed to reply at some time but whole point of this site is support and no judgement x glad scan went ok xxx

Why don’t you start a recently diagnosed support thread and then you can all find it a bit more manageable .Thats what I did and met so many lovely ladies. 2 years ago when first diagnosed -we eventually got to 5,000 posts !!!

Thanks Sue. I’m wearing my big girl pants this week and hopefully will stop being such an idiot ? Jencat, I had MRI on just boobs 12 days after diagnosis. It was because there was some uncertainty as to whether it was lobular or ductal. Lobular can be a bit sneaky and is good at hiding on mammos and as it was, the MRI showed my 1cm tumour was actually 3cm. Results from lumpectomy have also confirmed it is a type of lobular cancer.
Michele xxx

Of course … Wednesday tomorrow, massive good luck Sue, for tomorrow xxx

Hi ck. I’m amazed by those on here who follow threads. but I too sometimes feel a little rude but am sure nobody is offended by it. It’s wonderful to be on here and I’m just starting to be able to trace some different journeys. keep posting x

Thank you for good wishes for tomorrow appointment not til 3 (why is it always afternoon grrr) will let you know results. I must confess I am anxious and feel a bit sick however 1 of my friends coming over in the morning to distract me as hubby is at work until 1 xx

Unfortunately all the consultant appointments are Wednesday afternoons as he works between 2 hospitals so got to go to different hospital to where I had my surgery xx

Well, looks like we feel the same so I’m sure we all understand we aren’t being rude although like I say it’s the least of our worries!
It was just a thought going through my mind at the time:0xx

Well, looks like we feel the same so I’m sure we all understand we aren’t being rude although like I say it’s the least of our worries!
Jill, sometimes I just comment on another thread when I read something but at other times I just read as that in itself is helping me:)
It was just a thought going through my mind at the time as I’m just sooooo polite:D

Good luck SueW.xxx

Put my outcome on new thread on recently diagnosed entitled feel like I been hit by s train ?