Feeling scared and stupid at the same time


I know I have to just get on with it as I’m only at the start of this journey but I’m already starting to feel anxious about having the mri scan on Friday , then the worrying time waiting for the results 

can anyone tell me if you have to go completely into the scanner when having your breasts scanned 

The thought of it is making me panic a bit 

Hello, I can’t say much to help with the wait for results as I’m only a couple of weeks ahead of you and I’m still waiting, but the breast MRI I had was OK. You lay face down, drop your boobs into these little wells and then you slide into the scanner.

I actually found it OK, I kept my eyes closed, took a lot deep slow breaths (although they will tell you sometimes to hold your breath) and tried to pretend I was at a spa or the beach or something!! Keeping my eyes closed and trying to switch off my brain seemed to help. Although I did cry buckets when it was over!

The nurses were super lovely and supportive. 

I hope that helps a little bit!

I was lying face down with my boobs in little cups as well

The MRI is quite noisy. I found I was trying to decipher what the machine was saying! “Pew, pew, pew, pie, pie pie” etc

You could talk to your doctor about having some anti-anxiety medication perhaps?

I’ve had two and both times it’s been absolutely fine. Comfortable and not claustrophobic.

So you lie facedown and dangle your boobs in the cup things. They usually give you earplugs and headphones. You put your face in the same kind of thing that you do when you have a massage. Then you get moved into the machine feet first.

I found it a much more relaxing experience than I expected and I really zoned out, despite the noise. The sounds keep changing and some bits are noisy in a kind of metallic banging kind of way, but there was a bit where it sounded like someone was whispering “mum, mum, mum” in my ear.

Oh, and at my hospital, they tape cod liver oil capsules to your nipples markers…