Feeling scared

I finished all my treatment in June (surgery, chemo, rads). I had a CT scan on Monday, a year after my first CT scan which was done before surgery. Then today I had a phone call saying the oncologist wants to see me to discuss the CT results because there is something ‘slightly worrying’. Now I am absolutely terrified. Results can’t be given over phone so I have to wait till appointment next week. What can it be? I am extra scared because this was a recurrence for me (I had dcis ten years ago). Am I worrying unnecessarily? Is it possible it’s something maybe not even related to bc? I am on letrozole and iasobon and extra calcium.

Hi robin

I don’t think I can really help, but I wanted to acknowledge your post.

I’m sure you’re really worried and I think we would all feel the same. Try to do something nice over the weekend and I really hope it goes well for you next week.

Let us know how you get on.

Sending you a gentle hug

Sue xx

Hello Robin,


It is really worrying to get a call like that and the waiting makes anyone of us scared.


Try not to think about it… find other distractions… know that it is easier said than done. 


Sorry that I couldn’t be much of a help … like Sue said, do let us know how you get on.


Wishing you all the very best for your appointment next week…


Gentle hugs. Take care,


Belle xxx

 Sorry I can’t help either but feel for you. Waiting is worse than anything. Good luck with your appointment keep us updated. X

Thank you for replying, Sue, Belle and Dora. Although they can’t give results over the phone, the hospital have acknowledged my extreme worry. One of the doctors phoned me today to say the 'slightly worrying ’ thing they spotted is an area in the armpit that needs checking out. So they have booked me a biopsy for next Monday. Then there will be a longish wait for the results from that. So the wait continues. But I’m glad they phoned me back and allayed some fears, if not all. R x

What a relief for you. Every time we get a scare, it takes us right back to that time doesn’t it?
I’m fine thanks.



Just wanted to add my best wishes to you for your results and to send you a pair of tough pants


tough pants.jpg


Helena xxx

Thanks all. Evie, I’m glad your lump was benign. Yes you’re right - these scares take us back to those diagnosis days. Even more of a shock because we’ve all come through so much and are starting to relax. R x

Hello RobinJ,


How did it go yesterday? Been thinking about you… hope that everything is in good order. Belle xx

Thanks again everyone for all your hugs and good wishes. Well I had my appointment with the oncologist yesterday. She told me that the team doing the CT scan hadn’t been told that I had had surgery since my CT scan last year. They were looking for changes so they flagged up an ‘area of concern’ which was, in her words, normal post surgery changes. I will still need an ultrasound because it has been flagged up but she doubts I will need a biopsy and says she thinks it’s nothing to worry about. Rest of scan showed no new changes. So I’m very relieved and trying to process it all in my head. R x

Robin that’s great! You must feel soooo relieved ?
Sue xx

Hello Robin, 


Thats great news…am pleased for you. Big hugs and take care, Belle xx