Feeling Shattered after wle and snb - is this normal?

Had WLE and SNB last Monday, all went ok. Had dressings removed yesterday so am a bit sore today - not sure if the nurse should have pulled the steri strips off but hey ho! The surgeon has done a really good job and all looks like it’s healing ok - plenty of bruising but I expected that! I’m really struggling with feeling tired, I get up feeling ok and do a little housework but then find I am absolutely shattered, I am also feeling a bit dizzy. Was hoping to start feeling better by now as I am usually a very fit and active person. Has anyone else experienced this! I get my results tomorrow and hoping it’s good news - fingers crossed for me. Sorry to rant on - I am just frustrated, I know there are a lot of people worse off than me and I hate to sound like a moaner!

I hd the same op 8th may - I’m just waiting for my results tomorrow and was told consultant will remove the dressing - dreading that I know he’s gonna pull it off!! :frowning: .
I had family stay for the first few days as I had to have a drain in as well.
Didn’t do any house work - washed a few pots and made a couple of teas and that was my limit - I felt light headed but put that down to the pain killers - but I also have to have iron tablets as I’m anaemic ( they found that from my blood tests)!
Your not alone nd I find this site helps me more than family/friends etc as we’re all going through the same.
Good luck for tomorrow xx

Hi Sazza, thanks for your reply. I will mention tiredness and being light headed when I go tomorrow. Maybe I am a bit anaemic! Good luck with your results too xxx

Hi Sharnie,


I had a Mx and SMB the same day as you. I’m still really tired and doing very little. Haven’t even thought about housework - leaving all that to my lovely hubby. Painkillers tend to make me groggy too - and although I’m healing OK (had my post op check up today) it’s quite sore and the nurse told me week 2 can be worse than week 1 after the op.


I find an afternoon nap helps (although I do wake up like a grumpy toddler at first!).


I hope you get good news with your results - I don’t get mine till next week.


Hi Sharnie, as you say, as long as you’re not anaemic, I’d say you’re pretty normal. An anaesthetic is a huge thing to put our bodies through and I bet you’ve not exactly been sleeping like a baby since you jumped on to this roller coaster!?
Building up regular walks is a great idea - try to eat well, drink plenty (I’m meaning water but hey ho, if something else takes your fancy … ?) but above all, be kind to yourself and let people look after you.

Hi sharnie
How did your results go?
I had clear margin and one out of two sentinel nodes clear, the other one showed some small traces.
Now it’s a choice of more surgery to ensure none gone to their nodes or proceed to treatment.
I’ve been asked if I wanted to take part in a clinical study for this so have agreed.
Depends on which group I am selected for if I will be having more surgery.
Other than that it looks like chemo, rads, herceptin and hormones! X

That’s great news, Sharnie - do you know if the change of stage was due to size? My cancer was very similar to yours but at 1.8cm was stage 1 . Maybe yours hit the 2cm mark but with clear margins that wouldn’t be a worry . Enjoy the bubbly !!

That’s great news Sharnie. 


Bubbly sounds just the thing!

Retail therapy sounds great - not sure I’m up to it yet, but yesterday I did suddenly feel much brighter. Must be the anaesthetic finally wearing off.


Felt well enough to get myself to the pub last night for a small glass of wine and a bit to eat (hubby desperate to go out). Pleased that my softie looked OK even in a fairly tight fitting jumper - lovely to get back into my own clothes after a week of lounging about in hubby’s shirts!.

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