Feeling sick...Radio?

Iv just had my 9th radio,have felt sick the last few days.Has any1else had this?Im thinking is it radio or tamoxifen iv been takin4three wks. Xsarahx

Hi Sarah63
Have just finished 18 radio, 15 plus 3 boosters & like you have been on tax for about 3 weeks. During my radio have had days where I have felt sick on and off but it passes - just eat when you feel like it. What the nurses suggested was I wasn’t drinking enough, so I upped my fluid intake which did help. Hope this helps x

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit sick matey with the rads. I haven’t been sick, but I have just had my eighth dose of rads and so I thought I would say ‘hello!’ and wondered if you wanted to ‘do this together’?

Lone x

Hello you two - I’ve just had my eighth dose as well!

Sorry you’re feeling ill - that’s rotten.

I thought that radio only made you feel queasy if you had it to the stomach area but I may well be wrong on that. I suppose it could be the Tamox or maybe you’ve got a bug? I’ve got a cough at the moment and I’m dreading having a coughing fit just when they’ve lined me up for the beam!

I think when we’re low like this we’re prone to pick up anything.

I was perfectly healthy until they told me I was ill and started treating me(!) - only two days off sick in 11 years and hardly ever a sniffle. Since then, apart from the op and chemo knocking me flat I’ve had a cold and two coughs and haven’t felt like me since December.

I hope you soon feel better but if not go to your GP or contact your unit. Your resistance won’t be up to it’s normal level at the moment whatever treatment you’re having.

Jane xxx

Rads shouldn’t make you feel sick. I think nausea can be a side effect of tamoxifen and the other anti-oestrogens, but as Alto says, see someone if it doesn’t clear up soon. (OH and I have both had summer colds, which tend to upset your stomach more than the winter ones do.) Some people recommend taking anti-oestrogens before bedtime so you sleep through SEs.

Hope it settles soon.


I felt v sick during rads. My onc told me that some rays can irritate the top of your stomach if it is close to the rads field. It depends on where your tumour site was. Mine was very close to the sternum and low down, so quite close to the top of my stomach. I started taking lansaprozole again and this settled things down again. I would mention it as they did double check my liver too just to make sure it wasnt being caused by that. ( but I had, had Chemo and lymph nodes involved, so I was more at risk)

hope you get it sorted soon.


Hi all! and another “60s baby” Sarah…!

I was told to drink plenty of water during rads as they can cause nausea due to dehydration. Have you tried this?

All the best, Sarah x

Thanks ladys,from2day im goin2drink more water as a couple of u have suggested…And hope it goes…Dont like feeling sick and it doesnt wear off…Hope it isnt tamox thats doin it as i have2take that for5yr!Xsarahx

Hi Jane, Sarah and others who have posted. It is nice to meet up with others who are going through the same thing. I have had 8 rads and have another 17 to go. I hope you will join me for the journey?

Lone x

Hi Lone, I’m only having 19 rads in total - 15 to breast & collarbone then 4 boosters to the tumour site. I started on 1st June (presumably the same as you) but go on for a day longer than I should because I’ve got tickets for Wimbledon (no. 1 court) on the 21st so they’re letting me have the day off to go!

Not much in the way of SEs so far but my nipple is a little sensitive.

I just wish I lived closer to the hospital where I’m having rads. My chemo hospital was only 20 minutes away but this one is 1 1/4 hours.

Sorry for hijacking your thread Sarah. I’d mention your queasiness to the rads team on Monday.

Jane xxx

Hiya all, I am starting my rads next Thurs (16th June), 20 in total with 5 whacking the tumour site only, have heard horrid stories, but have heard good ones too…good luck to everyone…scary stuff huh! Kimbers x

Hi All

I had my 12th lot of Rads on Friday and have another 18 to go - the last five will be boosters to the tumour excision site.
If I didn’t know I was having Rads, I wouldn’t know -if you get what I mean. I haven’t noticed any side effects at all.
I keep expecting them of one sort or another after each session.

sarah63-I hope you feel less nauseated soon- maybe it is the Tamoxifen, or maybe keeping well hydrated will help.

Midge-glad the Lansoprazole worked for you, I found it very effective for indigestion when on the weed killer.


Hello all, I am having 20 rads in total and have had two so far…the last one, yesterday left me feeling quite ill…it came on about an hour after rads, a really funny feeling behind my eyes, not a headache, but very wierd and dizzy, I then felt very sick and weak and that lasted about 3 hours. Very dissapointed, as all the info I have had regarding rads is that THERE WERE NO SIDE EFFECTS, I am not making this up, and too much of a coincedence to be put down to anything else. IS IT JUST ME!!!


I am one to get all sorts of side effects, but having radiotherapy I can honestly say I have had nothing but a bit of fatigue. Ive never known anyone to feel sick or had nausea. Perhaps it is the hydration thing; you must keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of fluids. My husband said I did not drink enough water, so I have upped it lately. I have my 11th treatment tomorrow (Monday) and I am fine. Also keep up the aqueous cream treatment at least 3 times a day, it really does help. Good luck to everyone having treatment, it is not that bad really. chris x


yep, i felt really de-hydrated, you need to keep your fluids up, drink water until you are ready to float lol
i am on 7 of 15 rads, have felt a bit tired, but i have also felt a bit depressed too, maybe its the early mornings, trying to juggle children, getting to the hospital and everything else,

so far not a patch on the chemo though, so i am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

all the very best to everyone, liz xxx

ok, thanks guys, will up my water, although I am drinking a lot of it, am slapping on the cream, but told twice a day, will up that…many thanks for advise…Kimbers x

hi all, im on 7/15 and have noticed last couple of days a sickley feeling but i dont think im drinking enough so gona try up my liquids too, all my appts are dinner time and its a 10 min drive to hossi for me so realy i cant moan, Avril