Feeling small lump in scar tissue to worry or not ?

Finished treatment in dec 2009 have had a few ongoing things due to treatment and obviously still worry as was told it was aggressive and found in some lymph nodes
I have noticed a small probably pea size lump near my scar tissue not. Sure wether to bother having it checked last mammo n check up will be in dec
I have had pain in my breast most of the time since my lumpectomy and it is always very tender. But before I was diagnosed I had pain in the breast and I had a mammo on my lump 2 years before and was told lumpy breasts and mammo was clear so then 2 years later was stage 3. So a little un sure wether a mammo is the way to go
Am I just panicking as usual ?
Any advice and your experiences appreciated
Thanks. Rozita x

Hi Rozita

I think you deserve some peace of mind and considering your last experience you have every right to ask for help.  Whether you have to go via GP or Breast Clinic I don’t know but yes, personally I would have it checked now rather than December.

Be kind to yourself


please get it checked out  for  peace of mind ,it could be nothing good luck 

I’d definitley get things checked just for your peace of mind. I had llumpectomy in April and had large lump which gradually decreased leaving small pea sized lump which I have worried about. I also have days when very tender. I had ct scan last week prior to radio therapy and mentioned the lump when they said everything was clear it turns out there are two metal clips in the tissue which is what the lump is. I wish I had known about them before it might have saved lots of worry. The staff also said that the scar tissue is lumpy for a long time and may get worse with the radio therapy.

Still get a professional opinion though as they are the ones who know.