feeling so lonely

Hi everyone

I just feel so intimidated by all this don’t even know how to get responses no broadband in the irish countryside!!! feel isolated. Had bc d/x jan 2007 age 55 have pain in my lower back and now in my calf and am a real coward!!!. Is there anyone there???
Happy St patrick’s day!!!

Hi,Just want to send you hugs!
You are never alone on here,we are here if you want to cry ,rant,laugh or anything else!
Its very hard to find a way back to some sort of “normality” isn’t it?
I am nearly 8 months post op but still having many wobbly moments.
Keep posting ,you will soon get used to it,

Dont feel lonely, always folk to talk to and understand on here. Think eveyone is out enjoying the sunshine today. I have come in cos I ache all over!

I’m sure your aches are nothing to worry about just our age and constant anxiety. I seemed to be at the docs every other week follwing my treatment with aches and pains but now seem to have settled a little. Someone told me we are more sensitive to pain after the gruelling things we have had done to us.

Keep in touch if you would like to, I’m just a few months behind you in dx.

Love from Judy xxx

i was so chuffed to get replies to my post. It really makes a difference: thank you so much to the two people who replied to my first post! It was so kind of you and I don’t feel so alone now I have made contact…I hope all will be okay with you.
Love CC