feeling so low

hi everyone i feel so low today day four and feel like i got led weight under arm :frowning: i felt great yesterday my 3 year old son climed on my bed to give me a kiss but i though he was just climbing on me so i told him to b careful and he started to cry and say i only wanted to kiss you so now im in bits ,when will i start feeling normalish again i thought i would b out of bed by now :frowning: xx

Quinny, these are normal feelings, because you have had surgery, anaesthetic, probably scared silly by the word cancer, and now you are in pain. Dodn’t feel guilty on top of everything else. Can the kids hug and kiss on the other side?

Hi quinny

Sorry to read you’re feeling pretty low today, it might help to talk things through with a trained member of staff on the BCC helpline. They are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 600 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

thanks mezza he came and gave me to kisses after i just feel so helpless as i have 8 children and they are being helpful as can b but im asking so much of them and oh i just wanna no when the horrid heavy feeling go i thought they had yesterday and then woke up feeling heavy again ive been in bed 4 days was hoping to b up now xx

8 kids… Wow. No wonder your frustrated that your not shaking this off… You must be used to being very busy and at the hub of things all the time.

I think you sound like you are being too hard on yourself.

I think it’s ok to say that because I am exactly the same… I had things planned after my wee op and reluctantly cancelled at the last minute to my friends relief. because I wasn’t fit enough… Admitting it and slowing down was difficult because I felt I SHOULD be doing this or that…

Try and take a bit of time to recover… You’ve just had surgery, the anaesthetic is brutal (well I was surprised how long it took to shake off anyway)

Big hug

Eleanor xx

thanks elenor how long did it take u just to get out of bed etc i get out 4 like a hr go down stairs but feel more comfy in bed im doing little exercises and watched the dvd they gave me so hoping can do them tomoz or monday xx

I probably spent 3 days mostly in bed and the rest of the time in and out lol. But I like being in my bed… Lol

I only had 3 removed and it wasn’t nice, so I imagine that them all is worse. Just bear with it you’ll be fine and this time next week you’ll be supporting me… And telling me it’s not so Bad lol. X

Eleanor xx

Please don’t be hard on yourself. Your wee boy will have forgotten about it by the very next cuddle you gave him. We can’t be saints all the time. I am rarely anything near saintly and you have enough to cope with without being guilty. Lecture over!
Louisa xx