Feeling so sleepy after surgery

Hi, I’m wondering if this is normal.


I had a lumpectomy & sentinel node removal two days ago. I’d never had a general anaestetic before and felt really bad afterwards, like being on the verge of a sick migraine. It went on for hours, and I was given two different anti-sickness things which didn’t help at all. In the end I threw up and after that started to feel much better, could eat and was discharged.


The next day I slept a lot: I got up but would fall asleep. Today I felt a bit brighter, but I fell asleep in the armchair at about 5pm, so my husband encouraged me to go to bed, but I couldn’t sleep and I feel a bit nauseous again.


I don’t know what’s normal after surgery: is this OK? How long does it go on for?



Hi Charlotte, anaesthetic can affect us like this, I was very sick when had one years ago so was worried about having my op but mentioned it to my surgeon and they gave me something to help prevent it, I did feel fine initially then very tired for a few days and would nod off at the drop of a hat , hopefully you will feel a lot better in a few days , plenty of rest and let hubby look after you! XX

I had surgery 8 days ago and am still tired all the time.  I saw the BCN yesterday for my dressings and when I mentioned this she said can go on for 2/3 weeks, so don’t worry.  I find a day when I think I am ok and the next day can sleep all day!  I am sure this will soon sort itself out.

Hi Charlotte,


I came round from surgery feel very sick, they were shoving anti-sickness pills in my top and bottom lip as I was waking up. I was sick twice through the night. I then slept the whole day in hospital and the next day,  I came home and slept on the sofa for 2 more days.  I managed to get up and potter around and then would have to go back to sleep again.


It did get better after a while, but I still need to rest a lot more and I am 4 weeks post op.





Hi ya - this is good to read, knowing others have the same issues.  I had a second lumpectomy on Tuesday this week, so second general anaesthetic since middle of December.  This time it was much better than the last - felt so sick and blood pressure which is naturally high, went really low after the op and I had to stay in.  I didn’t really get up much for a week after that.


This time I chatted with the Anaesthetist and they altered the ‘cocktail’, giving me more anti-sickness and less Morphine in it.  What a difference.  No sickness at all.  However it still took me a long time to come around from it (first down to theatre, last to come round in the ward lol!) and since I came home that night my routine is eat, take tablets, sleep, repeat.  Very tired.  But I know by the middle of next week, I shouldn’t be as tired.


So hearing people say it can take up to 2 weeks is quite reassuring :slight_smile: Hope you feel bit better soon xxx