Feeling the cold

Just curious really - do any of you feel the cold easily? Now? and generally, in the past, your tendency?

Just after somebody said something it rang a bell with me… I was wondering whether others here tend to feel the cold…

I’ve gone through phases of life when I’ve felt the cold to a ridiculous degree - and I always have to dress up warm or I feel horrible, have even been known to wear a hat in bed in very very cold winter nights… (very sexy of course!) - as for walking around town in a t-shirt and mini skirt on a cold December night - the sight of it makes me FEEL cold!!!

In some ways ((ducking down here!!)) almost welcome the hot flushes even tho they are sweaty…


I used to be a really cold person (although I never got as bad as a hat in bed…) but now I get quite warm thanks to those hateful hot sweats - never thought I’d be grateful for cold weather !!! Partner has just walked in wondering why I’ve got the window open - brill timing. Looks like I’m the opposite to you but my partner’s ex-wife is always cold apart from the hot sweat moments. Out with the chunky jumpers & thermals and in with the art of layering for me !

I guess everyone’s different & it’s another of the wonderful side effects of this disease.

Keep warm x

I feel the cold dreadfully this winter, but haven’t found it this bad before. I have just finished treatment, surgery, chemo, rads and 12 months Herceptin.

I have always felt the cold and have never had good circulation in my hands or feet. When I was a child I went ice skating all the time and used to get terrible chilblains from it. However since I had treatment for BC I’ve found I’m even worse. I even had cavity wall insulation done to my whole house last winter and I still feel cold.

Hi There,

I feel the cold too. Even on a cariibean holiday i was wearing a cardi at night an was cold. I have 2 duvets on my bed, aswell as waring pj’s and sock to bed with a hot water bottle. My hair has grown back now and helps insulate warmth a bit. I do remeber being 'hairless and wearing wooly hats to bed. I am always cold and therefore always drinking hot drinks to keep warm… then I constantly need the loo! I even avoid nights out in the winter as high heels, coldness, skirts etc make me feel cold just thinking of it. =bbbrrrrrrr. I was like this before Bc, I do not think I hace got better or worse really. Just glad i not the only COLD person! :-))

I’ve always been a chilly mortal (as my mum used to call me), but since all my treatment (mast, chemo, radio, arimidex, herceptin) I’ ve been even chillier! I was even taking a hot water bottle to bed with me during the summer this year!


I have been really cold since on the treatment. Just wear layers and layers. Just cant get warm unless I have a hot water bottle and I swear by wrap around fleecies - after three years of treatment I have never had a hot flush :frowning: - they do have their uses :wink:

Hi everyone,

Chemo plus all the hormonal treatment has put me throught the menopause. For many people that means hot flushes but what it means for others is a sensitivity to changes in temperature whether hot or cold. I’ve noticed that the temperature range in which I feel comfortable (neither too hot nor too cold) has become more limited. Hence I occasionally get a hot flush - usually if I’ve had too much caffeine - but if the temperature drops I feel cold much quicker than I would have done before BC.

Hope that this is helpful.

Best wishes,