Feeling unreassured after Breast Clinic

Hi Everyone

So in mid December I suddenly noticed a lump in my left breast upper outer quadrant. It is painless and quite noticable and nothing feels similar in my right breast.

I went to see my GP about it and he examined me. He said it was a good size and he thought it could be a Fibroadenoma and referred me to the Breast Clinic.

Today I have been seen at the clinic. The first Doctor was lovely examined me and said he could feel it too and perhaps another lump. He sent me to get an ultrasound. I went in for the ultrasound where the Dr was very dismissive saying she thought my right breast looked similar on the ultrasound. I explained I was just concerned because the lump is quite prominent and she brushed it off saying did I understand that breasts can change throughout your cycle. I have had this through a cycle and there has been no change. She went on to say she won’t Biopsy it simply because of my age as its unlikely to be anything but if I do go back to my GP and get referred again she would biopsy it? She didn’t explain to me what it was, provide any reassurance and said she will write to my GP. I feel worse than before I went and feel like I have had no clarity or reassurance. My cousin died in her 30s from Breast Cancer :ribbon: and this just makes me feel like I’ve wasted my time. Sorry this has turned into a rant but I wasn’t really sure where to go from here

Hi Marybeth,

Welcome to the forum - umm, I can see why you feel a bit unsure after that experience and send you a virtual hug.

I’m presuming from what you say that you are in your early 20’s re being informed a lump is unlikely to be bc at your age by the person doing the ultrasound? 

I think you might find it helpful to phone the nurse at Breast Cancer Now (tel number on top right hand side of screen) to discuss your experience and see what they suggest.

My own view is that it would be good to have a follow up conversation with your GP and see what they recommend re whether to refer you back to the breast clinic. There are many harmless causes of breast lumps so try not to worry, however I can see why you don’t feel reassured given it sounds like the lump has been felt and reading between the lines shows on the scans, so it does seem a little unusual that they didn’t do a biopsy - if they were unsure of the cause, regardless of age (understanding bc is rare in very young women). Clearly the oncologists are the experts and are guided by their knowledge, but it does sound rather unusual.

Give Breast Cancer Now a call, see what they say, and then call your GP.

Once again, try not to worry since many women do get non-benign lumps such as cysts etc, but for your own peace of mind it sounds like you need further medical advice re whether to get referred again for a precautionary biopsy. 

I’m sure others will soon reply to your post,

X Seabreeze