Feeling unwell on Chemo


Thanks to those that have helped me with my previous posts. I find this forum a great help and hoped that you could offer some help again.

Since my Mum begain Chemo she hasn’t felt well really not that she was in great health before all this started anyway. She doesn’t go out (she is retired) She asks if you all have energy to go out and should she report this feeling of being under par or is this normal? How do you tell the difference between chemo unwell and ordinary unwell!

She is talking of not continuing her next treatment. Obviously she will discuss at the next app before chemo is due and maybe they can lower the dose?


Hi London09
What chemo regime in your mum on? I havent seen your other posts. Im nearly halfway through FEC so if I can be of any help!!!
Karen xx

Hi London09

I finished my chemo in January09. Being a retired lady I opted to stay home most of the time to keep away from all the winter bugs. However when I did need to go out - after all we need to eat! I found that my energy levels were almost zero. I know what your mum means when she says that she feels unwell, during chemo I really didn’t feel right all the way through although I would have been hard pressed to explain why.

My chemo team insisted that any effects should be reported so get your mum to tell them and try to clarify how she feels. They have all sorts of answers from redusing the dose to extra medication.

Give her my love and if you want to pm me with any more questions feel free. We all pull together when we can


oops,must have posted at same time