Feeling very low - any positive stories following node clearance?

Hi All 

I am having a full clearance soon following a positive sentinel node biopsy. I can’t believe how frightened I am feeling about how many positive nodes they might find. I am also feeling poorly and imagining all sorts which could be anxiety and not sleeping and eating well. I just wondered if anyone had any positive stories about positive nodes and doing well?  Lots of love to all Bookiex

Tons do. I’m not one but you’ll probably have some hit soon. Nodes aren’t the end be all of a breast cancer diagnosis. Yes, you want clear ones with no LVI if possible. But not having clear ones or having LVI simply means you might be under a different treatment plan. But that treatment plan stands a great chance of working, too. Take one day at a time, shoot one minute at a time if you have to, but whether you have cancerous nodes are not isn’t going to make or break your diagnosis. 

I have heard of someone with four positive nodes and high grade cancer who is well six years later. And someone who had advanced cancer 10 years ago picked up on a mammogram and is fine now. I think the treatments are better now but there’s nothing to be gained from trying to work out whether you are in the percentage that will be ok or in the percentage that won’t be. I like the idea that I have cancer but it hasn’t got me. And I am not changing my behaviour for the worse. I am going to do as many brilliant things I can now and learn to do new things. There’s a bloke on live at the apollo now flexing his pectoral muscles it looks very silly so I am going to practice that soon. He also makes himself look really evil but opening his eyes wide and staring. I quite fancy looking really nasty.