Feelings once active treatment has finished


since my BC diagnosis and treatment in 2012-13 I have been looking at ways to improve the non-medical support on offer once active treatment has finished. In April I have the opportunity to speak to some NHS and Macmillan nurses and am wanting to gather information about how people felt at the end of active treatment, what support they were offered and what support they wanted. If you would like your views included could you please contact me by the private message system here.  (Edited by moderator)

Thanks for your help


Hi Jan


I’ve just come back onto the forum again after an absence. I’d be pleased to help if you’re still interested in collecting thoughts and ideas?





I am afraid this may be a bit late for your meeting but may help others. I am 49 and 10 months post diagnosis. I had a stage 3 tumour which had spread to lymph glands. Had chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy and treatment finished 24 Feb. I was previously fit ran half-marathons, swam & cycled regularly. The problem I experienced was finding a suitable exercise regime. Most of what was on offer whilst very good was aimed at women who probably had a much less active lifestyle. I also had terrific problems getting to see a lymphoedema nurse to advise me regarding how much activity was safe. It has taken me months to get an appointment but I cannot emphasize enough how important this is if you need advice about what sports and activities are safe. I was amazed at what she encouraged me to do. I now swim regularly again (front crawl) practise yoga regularly and this is despite continuing problems with breast oedema. I now wear a specialised bra for this which she also provided. This wonderful nurse also advised acupuncture (but not in the arm/trunk of mastectomy side) for the appalling menopause symptoms which I had been experiencing since chemo. I have already had one session and will post again in a few weeks to advise if I have found it helpful. I went back to work this week after thinking for a long time that I would never make it! It is difficult to find help but it is out there you just need to know where to look. I would like some thoughts from other survivors re dietary advice on dairy consumption. My GP says that there is no definitive proof that excluding dairy from your diet can prevent recurrence but there is alot of information on the internet about it.