hi all
this is very new for me, have had tohave a portacath fitted 2weeks agoand my first chemo on the 4th dec,
but donot feel ill, is this just because it is the first treatment,does anybody know

Hi janicer,

congratulations on the fact your first chemo was a couple of days ago and you don’t feel ill. Some people seem to suffer very badly, but not everybody does. Some sail through chemo with no problems and even manage to work. You may be lucky, which would be great.

I had some SEs whilst on FEC, and different ones on docetaxel, but have found the chemo bearable so far. The only thing is that I have noticed I feel fairly well for the first couple of days on the tax, and then the SEs kick in later. So, depending on the particular chemo you are having, it may be a bit early to relax.

You may find it useful to keep a diary, as if you get any SEs they will tend to be the same ones and follow a similar pattern from cycle to cycle. It’s very helpful to know in advance how things are likely to go.

Fingers crossed that you remain SEfree!