After being diagnosed on Monday I haven’t really felt anything, maybe bewilderment. Anyway, today I feel really teary and I’m sat at home on my own and I just don’t know what do to. I’ve got some housework that needs doing so I’m just thinking to myself, for God’s sake, go and get dressed and get on with it and stop feeling so sorry for yourself. There are so many people with BC who are far worse off than you are!! I might try to find out if there are any local support groups out there. I don’t seem to be able to talk to my family or friends, all they keep saying is “you’ll be fine”. Yes, I’m sure I will be but I just need to talk to someone who maybe knows what I’m feeling right now.

Sorry for my rant and sorry for feeling sorry for myself. I must try to stop feeling so negative

Dear kar235

I’m sure other members will soon be along to offer you some support, but do give our helpline a call.  I know my colleague mentioned it on another thread, but here are the details again- Opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The phone number is 0808 800 6000.

Take care

Very best wishes


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Come on girl you are not feeling sorry for yourself you are having a natural reaction to something devastating don’t be so hard on yourself. Phone the helpline they are fantastic. Hugs xxxx

Dont be sorry…we all feel the same, I was diagnosed 9 days ago and was just numb…had a bit of a moment on monday night but felt much better tuesday. Its ok to feel sorry for yourself its the one thing we dont want to hear or think about having and your emotions will be all over the place. I felt better after having a good cry…I hadnt cried once so think it was needed and its suprising how much better I felt after. I know now that ive to have a mastectomy next wednesday and I think you start to calm down a bit once you find out exactly whats happening I know I have :slight_smile:
I think a lot of people dont know what to say to someone that has cancer so the automatic response is ‘you will be fine’ I just agree and say yes I will and it makes me feel positive. I dont think anything I say will make you feel better but its nice to know that were all in the same boat and having the same feelings.
((((HUGS)))) xx

I think we all have felt like that. I agree friends and family dont know what to say. I think this forum is great…we all understand. Chin up. Xx

Ps … I havent done ANY housework in a week. Sofa and takeaway therapy. And staying at my mums a bit. Starting clean up today !!

Pps - Dont feel you have to act or be ‘normal’ - this isnt a normal situation. X

Thank you all so much for your kind messages. I feel a bit better now. Going out for a good long walk should help, and I think I will give the help line a ring too. You’ve all made me feel so much better, thank you so much xx

Ahh Kar… some lovely messages for you here… I was diagnosed last friday and yesterday I had a really low moment when I woke up… there have been tears on and off… I did go back to work this week and its amazing how awkward some people are… cant even look at me… others however are so wonderful and supportive… They dont always know what to say… thats why this forum is so great… you are not ranting you are being human… hope you feel better after the walk xx

I too went in to work yesterday and things were a little awkward with some people. I just think they don’t know what to say. Feeling better emotionally tho, just taking one day at a time. Thanks for ALL the lovely messages, this forum is brilliant xx