I am now 4 weeks cancer free after mastectomy and node  clearance , I am upset as because I am big chested it is so obvious , but glad I will get to see my daughter grow up .it has been hard , but worth it .xxx

I Trish

I have put for you below the links to a couple of BCC’s publications you might find helpful.  If you need any further information our helpline team will be only too happy to help.



Take care,


Hi trish,


I too am single breasted (44D) and for the last year I’ve been going braless as I hate my prosthesis. Now I’ve found Knitted Knockers (www.knittedknockersuk.com) and have a wonderful, light, comfortable knitted knocker which I have worn every day since I got it. I would encourage you to look into getting one as they make you feel complete again. 


Sending you very best wishes and gentle hugs.


poemsgalore xx

Hi I had mx and immediate recon with strattice and implant on the 13/2 I am glad I had the recon but it has not been without its problems - mainly me and how I felt about having this bowling ball strapped to my chest and dealing with the pain, I am small chested b cup. I’m getting there, no one can say what is the best way for you but you but if you need any info on implant recon just let me know and I will be happy to answer any questions. I am due for another op august to lift my good boob and split nipple in half and transplant half to my recon. Waiting for recon to completely heal and settle to right position etc. it’s a hard road and lots of people feel you should be ok as the cancer has been removed but the reality is that part of you has been removed as well. With all best wishes I hope you can find a resolution - recon will not bring back your breast but it may help you feel better x

Hello Trish,  and everyone else.  So sorry that you have had an Mx .  but you will find lots of support on here.       I am about a year ahead of you, I had left Mx in Nov12 and implant reconstruction last november. I had a reduction to my right breast just three weeks ago(still a bit sore etc)   so now have a matching pair. I was a  38/40E  now a C cup. looks very  different but much better than the lopsided version. which I felt was very obvious.  

It is a slow process but for me it was the right decision, 

But as Naz  says think of all the nice things like your daughter,  I have 4 lovely grandchildren which keeps me going. The little boy has a special word  ( Naz & Poemsgalore already know it) - Huggles. so sending you a big warm Huggle - gentle of course

Take Care

Jenny xx