Feels like a long wait

Hi everyone, 

I had a recall last week, following a routine mammogram. No symptoms, but after having more mammograms and an ultrasound, I was told there was a lump - I still can’t feel it.   I had a biopsy and have to wait until 18th November for the next appointment as the consultant is away - it feels like forever! 

I’m trying to keep busy, calm, positive etc. but actually I’m crumbling a bit more every day,

Has anyone ever had results over the phone rather than waiting for a face to face appointment? Wondering if it’s worth me phoning to try.

Also, the lady before me had a clip with her biopsy, I didn’t - does anyone know why I didn’t have a clip? 

Sorry for the questions, they are swimming around in my head and thanks for reading x 

I also had a recall after a routine mammogram and had to wait 2 weeks for my results, I opted to call for my results as they were fairly confident it looked like a fibroadenoma. I was on holiday with my children when I rang for my results to be told the devastating news that I had breast cancer, how I wish I had got my results at the hospital where I would of received the appropriate support. 
Not sure about the clip, I think it’s so they can monitor any future changes more easily? 
Fingers crossed for you, the waiting is the worst feeling x