feels like a small lump

i am in a bit of a dilema and hope you can reassure me, i was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer grade 3 with lymph nodes involved and her 2 + in june 2007, i had 8 chemo and had a fab response, i had a wle on nov 24th and i am on radiotherapy over the last few days i have found a pea sized lump in my breast near where they did the surgery, i went to the clinic yesterday and the doc thoought it was an enlarged gland but im having a scan next wed , they thought it was a gland last time!! im terrified could it come back that quick ? anybody else had this ?
galen x

Hi Galen
Don’t panic as i had a very similar thing. I was sure my cancer was back and was thinking the worst possible situation was facing me. The lump turned out to be a small collection of fluid called a seroma. I had nodes involved too and when they do the mastectomy, they remove alot of the nodes so the normal pattern of fluid drainage has been altered. As a result, sometimes fluid accumulates in pockets and forms small lumps.
I had an ultrasound to check out the lump and then the doctor stuck a needle in it and drained off about 12 cc’s of fluid. It didn’t hurt at all and felt better when the fluid was removed.
Hope you have similar good luck.
Please let us know how you make out
wishing you the best