Femara & B17 Latrile

Just wondering if anyone is taking Femara or Latrozole and knows anytning about B17 Latrile (it is inside apricot kernals and other seeds) whether there are any interactions with each other.

I know most of the vitamins are okay with Femara, Tamoxifen etc but this is a little different and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions of natural therapies anyone is combining with conventional treatments.

Also if anyone has any suggestions about the athritic pains associated with these drugs


Can’t answer the first part of your post.
When you ask about pains…are you looking for remedies that other people have? I have been taking Femara for 6 months and would be interested natural remedies that other people have found.

I have reflexology weekly and find this helps with lots of the se I encounter.

Daniella - I am taking Letrozole but had never heard of B17 Laetrile, so I Googled it just now and came up with this information on the Cancer Research site.


It doesn’t answer your question but the point where it says some people use it because “They want to detoxify and cleanse the body” would ring alarm bells for me. I have stopped using Milk Thistle (for the liver) because I feel it may get rid of the Letrozole, as may the B17 Laetrile. Just a thought.

I have found that you don’t get far asking the medics. They don’t know enough about these things, as there has been too little research and so they opt for “if in doubt, don’t”.

By the way, I don’t seem to have much in the way of side effects, other than being too warm and not sleeping well, but I have only been taking it for a couple of months and these started when I stopped HRT upon diagnosis. Did you have a bone density scan?

Ann x