femara (letrozole)

Hi ladies,just a quick question.I am starting my radiotherapy next week,has I was hormone receptor positive my oncologist has suggested I take letrozole for 5yrs.I have been looking in to the side affects,I also found a forum on how it affects each individual.quite scary!!! But on the other hand if it keeps this horrible disease under control it will be well worth all the side affects.one of the main side affects was joint pain,unfortunately I have arthritis especially in the hands and fingers.was wondering if anybody out there is getting minimum side affects.I guess deep down I am starting to worry a little about the side affects.sorry if I sound a bit of a wimp.x

Hi Daisykins, I’m not on Letrozole, but I am on Tamoxifen, the side effects from that are just as bad. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my joints have been no worse. I would say if you read the possible side effects of any medication, including over the counter stuff, they always sound bad and if we believed all of them would affect us we would never take anything so it’s a case of trying it and seeing how you get on. People tend to post on forums when they’re having a hard time,they rarely post to say how well they are or how they are unaffected by the treatment so you need to put it in perspective. me personally, I’ve had very little side effects from tamoxifen, I’ve been on it 2 years now following surgery, chemo and radio and am doing well. Take care x

Hi daisykins I have been taking Letrozole for a week . I was also prescribed calcium tablets to take with them. I had a dexo test on Friday to benchmark my spine and hips.

Hi daiseykins,


I’m not on Letrozole, but Anastrazole. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my shoulders, elbows, hands and fingers, feet and ankles and knees, but the Anastrazole isn’t making me feel any worse than I would be anyway. My rheumatologist is in the process of changing my drugs and at the moment I take Leflunomide 20mg Prednisolone 40mg. She might put me back on Methotrexate if my onco says it’s ok, but she has many other drugs she can use. I have no choice but stick with the Anastrazole as my cancer was 100% Oestrogen positive and 70% Progesterone positive. I’ve been told 5 years, but I want it for life, just to be sure!!

Hi, I’ve had 2 years of tamoxifen (hell) and am now on femara for 3+ years. Have so far done 6 months, I have some joint pain, but not as bad as tamoxifen. Mood swings are the worst. Complete lack of sex drive and acute anxiety. It feels like hell. My relationship is about to crumble under the pressure. I feel like I need to come off
It, but know I can’t… Alcohol makes symptoms worse, but surely we’re entitled to some fun in life? Xxxxx