Femara - pelvic pain


I have been on femara for 2wks - i have gradually worsening pelvic pain and rib pain on the right. I was diagnosed with early bone disease to pelvis (speckles on MRI scan a month ago) - now i’m worried that the mets are aggressive and causing this pain (i had no pain before i was diagnosed). I know people do suffer from joint pain on femara but was just wondering if anyone had pelvic pain?

Thanks for your help


Hi Maria

As with any new pain or side effects, it’s always best to discuss with your medical team if you are at all concerned.

You may also find it helps to discuss your concerns with our helpline, they can offer support and information and all our helpliners are either breast care nurses or have experience of breast cancer.

If you feel you can call them, you will find that you can in confidence about your fears and concerns and the team on the helpline are happy to talk to you or just be a listening ear if you feel you want to offload.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. The number is free phone 0808 800 6000.

Kind regards.


Hi Maria, I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis. When I first started hormonals for bone mets I developed some pain, lower back, but things did get better. I had painful joints whilst I was on Arimidex which is very similar to Femara…the pain did improve over a fairly short time and just left a stiffness which could be ‘walked away’ in seconds.
Are you having any bisphosphonates too? (bone strengthening) Bisphosphonates often help with bone pain…although the first few treatments can actually increase pain for a while.
Good Luck with Femara, I hope it works well for you.

Hi Maria,

I am on Femara too. I do recognise the pain. In the leaflet that comes with the tablets they list a side effect called “tumour pain”. Apparently Femara can make the site of your mets hurt. I have had it on and off. Maybe you are experiencing that, but I do think you should ask your medical team as they will know a lot better and if nothing else, they will be able to put your mind at rest.


Thanks Belinda - yes i am having zometa every 4 weeks - due next infusion on wednesday - have managed to tally it up to have zoladex implant on the same day so when i start back to work next week its only one day i have to remember each month.

For anyone that has had pain from bone mets - what type of pain is it? does it come and go or is it constant - ive had mixed opinions - 1 doctor said its constant - a nurse said its intermittent - would just like to know if this is in keeping with met pain.

I did mention it to the radiotherapy consultant last week when i went for a review and she said it could be the drugs or could be the mets but as they are not going to change my treatment - changed to femara from tamoxifen 2wks ago - there is no point in me rushing back to them at this stage - will have to give treatment a chance.

hate this darn disease - just want my life back!!!


Thanks peggy - we must have been typing at the same time!! well lets hope the reason it hurts at site of mets is because its starving the little udders and the pain is sclerosing (sp!!) mets -


Hi Maria

With regard to how bone mets pain feels, I’m not on Femara but I would say that my pain has been pretty constant really but gets far worse at night. It also has got a bit worse since I had my second Pamidronate infusion but am told it will improve after I’ve had two or three more. Most of the time it’s like a dull ache but at night I get sharp piercing pains in my hip and spine which make the slightest movement agonising. I don’t know if that will make you feel better or worse to be honest!

Let’s hope it’s the Femara getting to work on things and that it will ease up soon.

Lesley x


I would have thought they need to look at your pain control. What meds are you are on for this?

Hi Celeste - I’ve actually got an appointment with the pain clinic next Weds so hopefully they can get me sorted out. At the moment I’m taking Paracetamol, Codeine Phos and Diclofenic 3/4 times a day - with large glugs of Oramorph just at night to deal with the night pain.

I have to say that the last two nights have been LOADS better so maybe I was having a reaction from my infusion last week. I’ve been put onto 3-weekly infusions from now on so hoping that will keep it all in check.

Lesley x