Hi I started Femara 3 weeks ago and I am doing really well with it so far. My only side effect seems to be that I am going to the toilet a lot more, I also have a very dry mouth. I read these are 2 of the side effects of Femara. Has anybody had the same experience as me.

Thanks Anne xx


Yes. I started Femara last November. I am thirsty all the time and drink water constantly, hence frequent bathroom visits. Are you drinking a lot more?

I think low oestrogen can cause frequency and as Femara stops the production of oestrogen, this may also be the reason why, although as you have only been taking it for three weeks, it may be a bit early for that.

Ann x

Hi Ann

Thanks for your reply, yes I am thirsty all the time and drinking lots more water. I am still on radiotheraphy for another 2 weeks and was wondering if that had anything to do with it, but I think it is the Femara. I asked the radiographer today and they said to keep drinking loads as sometimes you can get dehydrated during treatment and this can
give you the dry mouth.

Anne xx

Hi Anne, I am not keen on sweets but carry around Fox’s fruit sweets now as my mouth is often dry and I drink loads of tea all day. I have been on Femara since January. You are not alone with the side effects! Love Val

I thought maybe it was the calcium (Adcal-D3) that I am also taking but someone else on here has the thirst but is not taking calcium. It is listed as one of the less common side effects of Femara but it seems pretty common on here.

Ann x

Hi all,
I’ve been on femara (letrazole) for 10 months now and haven’t really noticed an increased thirst. The most significant side effect is small joint aches. These have eased recently but my fingers and ankles are still very stiff first thing in the morning. The drug has been very effective at shrinking liver mets and keeping all other mets stable so I’m really happy, long may it continue!!

Hi there

I’ve joined this site on behalf of my 82-year-old Mum who’s just been diagnosed. She has heart problems and is not well enough to have surgery and is taking Femara. She’s been taking it for 3 months and is getting alot of joint pain and stiffness…almost so bad that she’s threatened to stop taking the drug. Anyone got any suggestions on what to do to help with the muscle/joint pain and weakness etc?


Sylvia/Amanda - Has your Mum tried Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil and Glucosamine Sulphate? They may take a while to work but I find they help.

Ann x

Hi Anne, I started Femara 4 weeks ago. I haven’t noticed a dry mouth or going to the loo more, but I do have painful joints, especially ankles and hands, which are worse first thing in the morning, or if I’ve been sitting doing nothing for a while. I had been on Aromasin, but the joint pains were so bad my Onc changed me to Femara.

Hi Ladies,

I started my first Femara tablet today after being on tamoxifen for 2 years. I am fully aware that Femara causes bone density loss. So before taking the medication, my doctor arranged for a bone scan, the result is I am osteopenia. With that in mind, the oncologist prescribed femara + Calcichew and ask me to repeat the bone scan after a year. Not sure if Calcichew itself is sufficient to stop the femara induced bone loss. But for the pain, I heard that regular weight bearing exercises would help to ease the joint pain. I hate exercises but will be starting soon. Anything to help me get through this.

With best wishes to all.

Dear Miss Piggy

I am wondering if you mean a Bone Density Test and not a Bone Scan. I’m about to go on Femara but nothing was mentioned about a Bone Scan.

I hope things go well for you.


Hi Miss Piggy

Good luck with your exercises. I have yet to start Femara (was going to be this month, now put back to Feb) but have been left very stiff from the combo of chemo, Avastin and Zometa. I have certainly found exercise helps with the stiffness, unless I over do it of course - it’s a fine balance.

finty x

Hi, I started Arimidex last January but have now changed to Femera. The problem was that I have developed a very bad skin rash, but only when its hot! My armpits and inside my elbows look as though they have been badly burned and are very sore. My onc suggested changing to Femera but its just as bad. My problems are made worse by the fact that we have a holiday home in the sun and its been very hot here. The pharmacist here says its sweat reacting with the pills, to burn my skin. I am carrying on with the Femera to see if the rash goes away in cool weather. I certainly hope so as its most unpleasant. Before this I had no problems at all with Arimidex. Have telephoned the hospital to report problem and am waiting to hear what the onc (whose very good) has to say!! Will keep you posted.
Good luck!

nugirl - Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of Femara or Arimidex? I would have thought they would be the best source of help.

Ann x

Hi Ann

Actually the BCN has got me an extra appointment with the oncologist and I will see her this week. Lets see what happens then.

Oh good, hope she can help. It sounds very unpleasant.

Ann x

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Hi there

I started femara nearly 2 years ago. The first week I felt awful, nearly as bad as chemo. But that soon passed. Then I had problems with my hands and fingers. But that passed too. Now I’m fine. No problems except, perhaps, chemo brain of sorts. Can’t concentrate etc.

It’s not a problem really. Just get on with it.


Hi I have read this thread with interest I have taken my 1st Femera today. You have made me feel a lot better than reading the side effects on the leaflet did!!! x

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