Femur pinning and hip replacement

Hello …I’ve just started this thread although I know not many are involved.
Well I will kick it off …had scan October 2015 and showed a hole in femur that could snap so had emergency surgery the next day and a pin put in to protect it.I have three bolts …one in hip , knee and mid leg to stop it moving.
Maybe others would like to post their experience with it. Or ask any questions maybe as I found aftercare information after the op very limited.

Hi carolyn found it ok. Ive had two femur nails put in. One in each leg to strengthen the bones as they were so fragile. I had the first done in august 2015 and the second july 2016. I am getting around better but have found walking for 30 mins has made my legs stronger. Im hobbling around like a little old lady but 3 weeks ago i was on crutches or in a wheelchair. This is new for me and i cant do it every day but im trying. It all started with my little dog susie i felt so guilty not taking her out. Im on really strong painkillers - oxycodene slow release (releases slowly over 12 hours) and oxynorm a 4 hour painkiller. Takes about 20 mins to kick in. Ive also got the oxynorm liquid which is immediate effect. Without these psinkillers i wouldnt be able to move. I an under the palative care team for the pain relief. They are great. I was a bit worried at first because i thought they only came in at end of life. They have been brilliant. Much better than my doctor or onc. Im rambling im sorry. Its been such a lonely journey so far its nice to share with someone who understands.
I seem to be the only one on such strong painkillers anyone else been given these?

Hiya sue
Well it’s good to find a buddy as I do feel a bit lonely here as not many of us.
I think u are doing fantastic with mobility as you are putting me to shame. Its a very painful process and because mine was done quickly …I just didn’t have a clue what to expect.I was in hospital for five days …was shown how to use crutches the day before discharge and that was it …no physio or advice. We had to arrange handrails etc on my arrival home.
Anyway 14 months on …I can manage walking with a crutch but not that far …as my hip and pelvis are also affected with Mets.
I must try driving but confess as hubby is here …I let him do it but it would b nice to be a bit more independent again.
I would say to any ladies reading this ( boring) before u get the surgery …get as much Info and support first.
But …I take no pain relief …only a hot water bottle at night if a bit stiff so I’m pleased with that and feel grateful the hospital sprang into action so quickly as a broken femur would have been a whole lot worse …as with the amount of cancer …I wonder if it would have ever mended.
Carolyn xxx

Well your doing brill with just a hot water bottle for relief. I was the same when they did my first leg. I went in day after i saw surgeon and after 5 days kicked out wirh no support. They were better second time and i had comunity nurses and physio. I let my hubby do most of the driving and my car is automatic. I couldnt drive a manual one.
Thanks for support. In a bad place at mo. Xx

I got a wheel chair at the beginning …went in it twice …hated it as people seemed to lean over me to talk and shout as if I was deaf as well because I was in a wheelchair !! Also could never reach the credit card machine in a lot of shops !! And my sister that pushed me around loaded up her shopping on my lap …remember crackerjack …double or drop with the cabbages …thats how I felt !!
Sooo wheelchair retired to garage for now !!
Carolyn xxx

Me too i hate it but and my family really dont understand. They would tal to someone and point me in a different position like an idiot so mines in garage too. I have crutches but i find it hurts my arms and shoulders after a while. I just hobble around like a little weeble now. My family laugh but i dont care lol xx

On the 2nd outing in wheelchair …sis left me in the aisle of a large shop …I got bored just sat there so got out chair and waddled off for a little look at something …she came back and I heard her say " someone has pinched my sister and was in a flap seeing an empty chair !! I also got very cold and a numb bum!!
Carolyn xxx

I still find the hospital issued crutch the best option though when walking for good support …bought a black glittery stick but it bends and for xmas I got one of those handy canes that stands up on its own ( but it doesn’t!!) But it does have a little torch in the handle !!
Oh if we didn’t laugh about things …we could be so miserable !!

My husbands favourite thing- when we were on holiday he would push me around in the wheelchair. When we got to the restaurants i would get up and walk to the table. He would shout at the top of his voice " its a miricle she can walk." He found it hughly amusing as did others in the restaurant. I didnt find it so funny after the first time. Amazing how sick things make people laugh.

Hello chin up ( love the name …but wouldn’t mind a £ for every time people say that and you will be fine !!!)

Thanks so much for joining us here …we always welcome new input so please stay.
It sounds like you have been through the mill too with pain but we are women and so strong that we just get on with what life throws at us .
Hopefully you are feeling less pain now and can also relate to the wheelchair / crutch scenerio we have been through but hey ho with summer coming we could all be out running marathons and bungee jumping as we are virtually bionic now !!
Carolyn xxxx

Sue …We went to butlins last summer with grankids and family …took wheel chair as its such a lot of walking …the kids loved pushing me over bumps when they knew I needed a wee, I was loaded up like a pack horse with all their swimming kit and football kit etc and at night every one left their handbags, coats and belongings on my lap ! Xx

Hi chin up glad you have decided to join in. Its hard i know i only came on a week ago but have followed it like you.you’ve been through a tough time like the rest of us. The ladies on here are really funny and have helped me this week. Its a shock when you go straight from bc into secondaries. I was diognosed with bone mets first. Like you i was putting up with pain and was told by a consultant in the er to stop being silly and get onto some real painkillers. Im on oxycodene which is a 12 hour slow release and then oxynorm if im having a bad day. It seems to be doing the trick. It took me 2 years to get my head round getting addicted to the pain killers. The consultant laughed and said it was the least of my worries and she was right. Keep in touch. Sue

Hi mable. I always find i get nervous when im waiting for results. Even if im well and have no worries. Ive got all my tests friday and monday. I will be glad once i know whats going on with my jaw. Im getting such bad headaches with it. I suffer at night too with my bones even tho the pain relief is supposed to work till morning. I have found the more mobile i am the better. Its surprising the daft things that go through our heads.have a good night. Ive been asleep a lot today so i will be up all night. Take care sue x

Hello sue
I’m so pleased that you can keep travelling to nice holidays though …sadly we stay in the uk now as hubby had a heart by pass 8 years ago but it hasent been that much of a miracle.
He was first taken I’ll with heart problems in Belgium …the docs were very good there but their English was quite “unique” …they asked him if he felt like a Elepant was sitting on his chest and if he had heartbum! I kept laughing but it was a bit scary looking back being ill in a foreign country …we had to come back on the ferry and halfway through the channel it had to turn back for technical probs …gosh I couldn’t wait to get him to local hospital care.
So for us …no place like home …

Hi carolyn. I bet it was scary. Its just as well we can laugh about it. I think my abroad holidays are at an end. I just end up in bed most of the holiday and thats no fun for me or my hubbie. Im in hospital at mo. Woke up with really vad pain in my right arm. I lost the use of it for a few days a week ago. They think the cancer in my neck and shoulders might ve pressing on the nerves. Waiting for a mri scan. Still at least ive been fed. I will do anythibg to get out of cooking. Lol. Going to shrivel up with all the scans ive got. Goibg radioactive on monday. They will be able to see me in thw dark. Have a good day. xx

Lol can just imagin that. They need lessons to push a wheelchair. When we were in mexico at christmas my brother was goibg so fast i was shoutibg to people to get out of the way. It was crazy hense he didn’t push me again it was so embarrising. Lol xxx

Moving up for Renee xx

Hello Renee
I thought you would like this thread as there are very few of us with such mobility problems …phew I just can’t believe what you have been through …it must have been so scary and yet you have come through it and always sound cheerful …
I was rushed in for my femur pin as it was about to snap and the hip was very weak too …it could have been the mets in your femur causing it to break …often mets are in the bones for many years and until they cause pain or breakages …they are like secret squatters !!
Hoping by moving this thread up …we might get more ladies join us for their support and experiences too.
Carolyn xxx