Hi. I am prescribed the Fermara brand of Letrozole but my chemist (boots) are telling me they have no supplies of it and no date when they might get it back into supply.

Has anyone else had this problem recently?


Nope with regard to Femara as the GP made it very clear that they wouldn’t prescribe something so expensive for 5 years ? but I do have Accord on my prescription and no pharmacy I’ve been to in West London can get hold of it, not even a nationwide chain like Boots.  It seems to me, whilst talking to the various pharmacists that they are all in the hands of the drug wholesalers who are, in turn, in the pay of pharmaceutical companies.  You would have thought that the manufacturers of the expensive versions of Letrozole would be paying more to push them, but apparently not.  I have been given 3 months worth of Manx this time - never heard of them.  The pharmacies, and by extension we, are in thrall to big pharma and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it.  


I am prescribed Femara as I have nit been able to tolerate the other branded Letrozole meds. My local pharmacy is saying their supplier cant get Femara does anyone have any advice who I can contact to assist with obtaining a supply, my GP will give me a prescription but I am unsure how to locate a chemist who will supply them for me. Thank you for any help you can provide. Trisha