Ferritin levels

So I am in that waiting period…… I’m weighing up all of the odds of it being bc, from the irregular margins reported on the care letter sent which said we will write to you with your results or see you for an appointment to discuss your results, to the nurse saying if you get an appointment bring someone with you (I went ti the scan/ biopsy alone)
So they are factors I have taken but one other factor is I have had blood test for ferritin levels for over a year, since then they have been v high but haemocromotosis has been ruled out as has liver disease (I’ve had scans to check) so I have read (naughty noodles looking on Google) that high ferritin levels and bc are connected. I have been under investigation for a while now and everything else has been ruled out.
I know I’m not a dr, but it’s hard not to convince yourself/ prepare yourself for the worst.
I know ferritin is not a common blood test but has anyone else had high levels?
Thank you all xx

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Dear Noodles111, I’m sorry to hear you are waiting. I remember that time well and it was hell so I really feel for you. My last blood tests came back with very high Ferritin levels six hundred and ninety something as I recall. I was diagnosed with bc in March and had mastectomy in September. I have several cysts of various sizes on my liver. I didn’t know there was a connection but plan to raise this with my oncologist tomorrow. Not sure if that has helped at all but at least you know that you are not alone. Love Tulip x

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Thank you, it will be really interesting to see if there is a connection. My levels are around 7-800 and are never below 600. I think in some ways it will be good to find a reason for the ferritin although would prefer a different cause if I have got bc. Only got till Monday to wait.
Wishing you well with your appointments and your health, let me know how you get on xx

Whereas i have breast cancer and my ferritin levels are too low and I’m on iron tablets… So, i guess it isn’t always the case…