Fever preventing hot flushes

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I’ve been on tamoxifen for nearly 3 years now, after being diagnosed with breast cancer aged 35. I’ve suffered a lot with tamoxifen-induced hot flushes, but with various lifestyle changes and taking clonidine twice daily(50 micrograms in the morning and 75 micrograms in the evening) they are now more manageable. They are much less frequent, less intense, and don’t last for as long as before. I still get 20 or more a day during  the ‘peak oestrous’ window of my menstrual cycle, but the week or so before my period and during my period I may only get one or two each day. Such a relief!


One thing I have noticed over the years is that if I get a fever, because of flu, a tummy bug or ear infection, etc, I get no more hot flushes for the rest of that menstrual cycle. This has happened four or five times now and I wondered if anyone else had experienced this phenomenon? I’d be really interested to hear from you if so!





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