my temp is 38.3

Should I phone the hospital?  I was there yesterday because I picked up an infection and given antibiotics.  They took my toothache away, but not the breast pain od fever.

Feeling sorry for myself.


Hi pecan

Yes, give them a call, just to be on the safe side xx

Ring them back Pecan.

Glad you feeling better easy to get paranoid -it’s a very warm day too.

Hope you are soon feeling better xx ?

Oh, what drama. 


After my trip to the hospital on Monday for antibiotics and then the Tuesday fever, I went to the back to the hospital yesterday for more dressings and another checkup.  I had run out of dressings, having to change them several times a day, and run out of t-shirts because of fluid overflow, and the clear liquid was starting to look more like pus.  I was then told to go back today. 


Last night I had a very weepy time when I changed the dressings again before going to bed, and noticed that there was a thread hanging out, which is presumably from the internal stitches now being exposed.


I went back this morning and they removed the dressings and called the consultant in, it being consultant’s day.  He took a look and asked about the antibiotics (500mg fluc(?) for 5 days) and told them to increase it to 1000mg for 14 days.  Given more dressings, district nurse to visit on Saturday, and to go back on Tuesday and Thursday again.


So I came home, not happy about the huge quantity of antibiotics I was now going to be consuming, and feeling that there’s some sort of conspiracy going on I researched the antibiotic.  And, it seems that I have cellulitis.  And if I hadn’t actually started the antibiotics on Monday, then Tuesday’s fever would have been a whole lot worse, and I could have been a hospital case, with other complications.


The moral of the story is: do not think you are over-reacting if you think there’s something wrong.  Particularly if you are obese or diabetic.  The number of complications attributed to those two factors is scary!