Fibroadenoma Grown rapidly

Hi girlies, i’m 43 & had a fibroadenoma removed from my left breast last March. The one in my right breast has grown from March to October from 1.9 to 2.5. I had another US this morning & it has grown again to 2.9. The surgeon says its looks benign but recommends removal but this time I must have a general anesthetic! Feeling really upset this time as I don’t want a general & should I just leave it if they say looks benign? Xxx

Hi suzie I replied to your other post. I would say yes to having it removed as the surgeon said they can’t be completely sure that it is benign until it is removed so they can analyze it more closely. I know the thought of surgery is scary, I was petrified, but I would say it’s best to be safe than sorry and as it’s growing quite quick I would want it out. Because it “looks benign” would not be enough for me to just leave it. I would do what the surgeon advises xx

Hi Sam yes thanks for replying, I think it probably is best to get it removed. I just don’t understand why I need to have a general. How are you? When did you have surgery xx

Hi Sam, glad to hear you are well. I thought I would be fine this time but hormones all over the place. They allowed me to have a local anesthetic last year when I had a lump out in my left breast but they have said this one is a bit more complicated. Xxx

I was diagnosed with a benign fibroadenoma at age 36. I am now 39 and it has tripled in size. I had a core biopsy that verified a benign fibroadenoma. Three years ago it was the size of a peach pit. Now it is the size of a lemon!! I just went back to the doctor this week and had a mammogram and sonogram. I do not have my results back yet. I am freaking out!! I have high anxiety and have litterly been crying daily. This terrifys me!! Is this normal? Has anyone else had this happen to them? Once benign always benign? Please I need advice?