Fibroadenoma/Phyllodes Tumor at 21

Hi, my name is Emily. I am starting this because I guess I kind of just want support from someone other than my family. I’m 21, and have had tumors for as long as I can remember. when I was 17/18 I had one checked out, biopsied and ultrasound, and it came back as a fibroadenoma. the doctor back then wanted it taken out but falsely led me to believe it was not covered by insurance and was purely cosmetic.

Fast forward to now, 21 years old, the fibroadenoma that was 5cm x 4cm has grown to be, no joke, 18cm x 16 cm (which is about 6 or so inches both ways). I got it checked after getting insurance because it was/is very painful, and probably weighs a good solid 3 pounds or more. the doctor performing the extraction had a referral to the plastic surgeon, because taking the tumor out would take about 90% or so of my breast tissue. they had told me it wouldn’t stop growing, which is where they think it’s actually a phyllodes. I’ll be getting an implant in the same surgery ( I hope) as the removal of the tumor. if there isn’t enough tissue left, I’ll need a tissue expander and that thought alone fills me with absolute dread.

my appointment for surgery is tomorrow and I am just scared and worried, being 21 it’s just so much for me to take in. Any help and kind words would be much appreciated! <3

Hi Emily, I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this surgery at such a young age. I’m 49 now but remember feeling very emotional after having a lumpectomy in my early 20s. It sounds like you are having a much bigger operation and my heart goes out to you. I’m glad you are getting the treatment you need and the support of your family to help you recover. Take care and big hugs X

thank you for your kind words, rainbow, I’m glad to report back that the surgery was a success, straight from removal to implant in about a three and a half hour surgery. the pain currently is a lot to handle, it feels like someone is sitting on my chest and the drain keeps losing suction, but otherwise everything went as planned.

I’ll find out around Friday whether or not it is benign or not. the breast surgeon said that it was bigger than a potato, in fact he’s never seen a potato that large! which absolutely blows my mind that it was in there. all in all, the outcome looks awesome and I should have a good recovery.