Hello everyone,

I’m new to the group and I feel guilty even posting a forum because my lump was benign but I wanted to speak to some people who were going through or have gone through the same thing… 

I’m seven days post surgery and just wanted to know how many days it took you to recover to the point where you felt you could workout or lift heavy items? Also how did you feel about seeing your scar for the first time?

I was shocked at how long it was and the bruising all around my breast. I don’t know how I’m feeling. 

Hi Stephanie2020 - welcome to the group, but please don’t feel guilty about posting and asking for advice, that’s what this forum is for. I had a mastectomy so I’m not sure I can answer your question properly, but I hope someone who has had a lumpectomy for either BC or a fibroadenoma may come along to help.

I am very squeamish but even I managed ok when I saw my scar! Just give yourself time, there’s no rush - I washed without looking for a while.

I guess you had a general anaesthetic - if so the after effects of that may be making you feel down or depressed. I didn’t realise that was a side effect after my operation and didn’t know why I felt so down. Even though your lump was benign you’ve had a shock to the system, so be gentle and kind to yourself as you recover physically and mentally. If you want to offload or share any thoughts I’m happy to listen or chat with you.

I know I was told to take it easy and gradually get back to lifting heavy things - but do call your medical team for advice, or call the nurses on here as they are lovely and helpful.

Very best wishes, Evie xx

Hi Stephanie

I had a fibroadenoma removed decades ago - I used to call it my smiley scar because my breast looked like a one-eyed smiley badge! I too was surprised at how long the scar was. Healing times vary from person to person so I would advise you to just listen to your body and don’t force it. I slipped early on and instinctively used my arm for support, opening the wound a little, which resulted in some lumpiness, but mostly the scar was smooth and flat - so be sure it’s closed up before putting any strain on your breast by lifting.

The bruising will also depend on the individual. It may be a bit late but arnica tablets are excellent at dealing with bruising (I wouldn’t recommend the cream on a fresh scar without medical advice). Otherwise, stick to gentle movement - you have to keep the breast muscle moving but not overstretching it till you’re healed - gentle stretching and move onto your usual workout, starting with very small weights (if that’s what you do). Make sure you have good support from your bra too till it feels normal again. It will revert to normal eventually - for me it was a few months. 

It’s very different from a mastectomy. 19 months on and I still have to do daily massage and stretching to keep the breast muscle from tightening up. Think this is a lifelong routine now lol.

Best of luck with your recovery x