Fibroadenoma surgery, how long did you have to wait?

Hi, I’ve had a Fibroadenoma for a few years. However, recently, it has grown and caused some pain, so I went back to the hospital and decided to have it removed. I went last Monday (Feb 25th) and was told I would be contacted with a date for the surgery. Every day I’m watching the postman with anticipation of a letter, yes I know I’m being impatient!
I was told it would be within 5 months, but how long did you have to wait? I can’t seem to relax about it (I’m terrified if I’m honest!) and really would like it all over and done with. I’m scared of needles, I’ll pass out when I have an injection or a blood test, and I think that is what’s playing on my mind the most.
Any positive experiences would be more than welcome, or anyone else in a similar position, perhaps we could help calm each other down??

I went to the clinic on the 26th and I got the call today to say I was booked for next tuesday to have three of my FAs removed. It depends on how busy the surgeon is I think, my hospital has two, but each of them only works one day a week on this type of surgery, so you can understand how difficult scheduling must be. I’ve got a knot in my stomach and I faint without the needles (though they don’t help) so I totally get how you feel. Have you had an information sheet about the surgery? It made me feel much more at ease. I can give you some of the info if you want it but you’ll probably get the same info when your booking letter arrives

Thanks for your support, does the letter give any information on how long you usually have off work? I’ve had a look on past posts on here, and responses seem to vary.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s being a wuss about it. I’m shocked about how quick your appointment is, I was imagining a huge wait list. I’m hoping mine will be as quick, I’d love to get it over and done with promptly.

Good luck for Tuesday, hopefully you’ll feel better about it all once it’s finished xx

The sheet says 3 to 7 days(I guess that depends on what kind of work you do), most women return to normal activities within ten days and after two weeks you should be able to return to any sports activities you did pre surgery. On the plus side it says you’ll need an adult supervisor and you aren’t allowed to operate heavy machinery, including cooking, so someone will be making you dinner!
I’ve known about my FAs for more than a year but once I’d made the surgery decision I wanted it sorted as soon as possible too, I didn’t want time to talk myself out of it!
Thanks, I hope you get your appointment soon xxx

I had a fibro removed in oct 2011 it was 5cm in size they did a very neat scar appox 2 inch long had it done wed lunch appox 13.30 home by 16.00 and back to work the monday just had the odd twinge and a clourful bruise , it all healed up lovely .

dont worry and good luck ladies

Thanks, I quite like the idea of not being able to cook (I assume that means house work as well…!!)

I’m glad to hear of your positive experience Lizzy, thank you.

Still no letter, hoping it will arrive at some point this week.

Titch I was told not to even use a kettle! So definitely no houseowrk :smiley:
Thought you might like an update, the surgery went really well, I was taken in at about 2 and home by 6. The back of my hand where they put the canula in is still numb from the gel they put on it at half one, magic stuff! And I’ve only got a slight ache from the incision. All in all I think I had a really good experience, the nurses were lovely and were completely shocked by how calm I was before. I french plaited my hair before I left for the hospital so it would be off my shoulders and the nurses said it was a good idea because sometimes you can’t get your head flat with a plain ponytail, might be worth practicing.
I hope your surgery goes well when you get a date xxx

I think the canula is the thing I’m most scared of, so I’m glad to hear about the numbing gel!

I’m glad you had such a good experience, I bet you feel better now it’s all over with! How are you feeling now?

I have an appointment through now, I have 4 weeks to wait which is sooner than I first thought :slight_smile:

I’m feeling much better now, I felt really quite dopey the first day but drinking loads flushes the anaesthetic out of your system more quickly. I was pretty sore for the first few days but a week on it’s more like a tugging sensation when I try to do things I was told not to do (reaching above head, lifting heavy objects etc). The bruise was spectacular, every colour imaginable plus a few more. And don’t fight the nap, I felt shattered for days, for absolutely no reason, napping is the key. I cannot wait for the dressing to come off though, I am dying for a proper shower and hair wash!
Good luck with your appointment xxx

Ahh I love a good nap, it will be nice to have an excuse to nap!!

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Are you still feeling quite tired? I planned on going back to work after a week, but I need to be quite active, I’m worried I may be being a little optimistic there.

Thank you for your lovely comments, they have made me feel much better :slight_smile:

I haven’t napped since saturday, that was post surgery day 4. I have spells where I feel tired but I think they could probably be fixed with a cup of coffee (I don’t drink it but a can of coke does the trick too) and a sit down. I wouldn’t describe myself as active right now but I can more or less go about my daily routine, although I will say definitely no hoovering, I thought I was going to rip something yesterday… And stock up on painkillers before, you don’t know how many you’ll want to take (I was full dose for 2 days then only when I felt a lot of pain) and you don’t want to have to leave the house if you don’t feel up to it.
I had a lot of advice from my mum, she had a mastectomy last year so she knew what to expect with all this, so I’m glad to help, pass it forward and all that xx

Sorry to hear what your mum has been through, hope all is ok now.

Just 3 weeks to go, can’t wait to get this over and done with!! xx

hi all just speakingfrom experiance
watch the tiredness as couldbe a sighn of infection,i had an infection fewsyears ago and was the only sighn if you feel the same after a week might be worth just getting it checked but glad all went well.
have had nearly 20 lumps removed one way or another (surgery,lazer,mamatone)
natalie xx