I was diagnosed with two large fibroadenomas (1 in each breast) by a private doctor in my teens. Althought the fibroadenomas made up most of my breast tissue I was was told not to worry about them and have never discussed it with my own gp as I’ve assumed that as a non life threatening condition I would not be able to have surgery. Now in my 40’s the fibroadenomas have not caused me problems other than tenderness, heavy breasts and feeling a bit freakish although I have a nornal shape. Is it usual proceedure now to remove these giant fibroadenomas and am I at greater risk having them as Im not sure I would be able to have a normal mammogram? I am going to book an appointment with my gp to discuss it but wonder if anyone else has experience of this as now wonder if it would be worth going through major surgery if it was offered?
Ps the information and other posts on this site have helped alot4

Hi Twilight

Please don’t hesitate to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

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Hi twilight ,
I was told that Ihad a fibro and told to just forget about it which I did ,mine started to grow and on furthur investigations they deceided to remove as it was over 3cm ,(the rule is anything over 3cm should be removed so I believe)I was 50 when mine was discovered (1.2cm )and 52 when removed( then 5cm),I was unlucky when removed they found a nasty hidden inside and ended up having an emergency mx .I think size of lump patients age etc shoud all be taken in to account when deceiding on what action should be taken ,I know if I had a bit more knowledge 5 years back I would have opted for the minor surgery at the time as opposed to the major surgery and the life change I ended up with.
good luck I hope your ends up to be just benign lumps take care lizzy