Hi, I’m getting 21 years old by this year. I just found out that i have 2 lumps on my right and 2 lumps on my left breast. Actually,  i found out the lump when i was 15yrs and had it checked. But the doc said it is normal and it will went away. At that time the size was quite small around less than 1cm. Years passed and last year, 2013, i was about to check my breast, i can feel lump bigger than before about 3cm. i seldom checked my breast before but something that makes me to do so. I got my test and also breast ultrasound. The doc said i have more than 1 lump and asked me do i aware of it. Of course i dont except the big one. My parents asked for removal but i dont want to do so. I have done a lot of readings about FA and it was a benign one. Other than big one, the other lumps was less than 1cm in size. I also didnt know whether it is increase in size or not. Should i remove it or not? I was afraid for it can actually coming back after the removal was done.

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