fibroadenomia actually BC

Hello! Im new and last week on monday found lump on my R breast. I been on breast clinic and they did biobsy and now have to wait till Tue. Because my age 24 they think its fibroadenomia. Dr from ultrasound said it aswell but still did biobsy.
I just fonder if anyone who thought and dr thought its fibroadenoma actually had BC.
(sry about spelling mistake)

hello fluffyy

Welcome to the forums, you have come to the right place for support from our experienced users who I’m sure will be along to support you soon.

You may also like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open again n the morning and normal hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

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Hi Fluffy,
I felt I should comment on here, I too am in my 20’s (23) and I found a lump 4 weeks ago upove my right nipple. It is very hard and I don’t think it ‘moves’ I went to my gp who referred me and I then went to a consultant. His words to me were ‘Oh I can see why you were worried it is quite irregular but because of your age its probably a fibroadenima’ which well hasn’t made me feel better. I couldn’t have an ultrasound today so I have to go back. So now I am just waiting for another letter to come through and another appointment. He did say depending on the ultrasound I may have to have a biopsy. The waiting is awful I was in floods of tears when I left as I am still no closer to an actual diagnosis. I guess were all in the same boat being young!

Hi Fluffyy and Tenamand, I found my first fibroidenoma when I was 38 and had it removed by mammatone. Four years later aged 42 I had another fibroidenoma in the same place removed under gen anaesthetic. Two years later aged 44 I felt yet another. My GP said it feels like another fibroidenoma but I will refer you if you want. I wasn’t going to do anything about it but my gut instinct was to get it checked out. When the DR did the biopsy she also told me it looked like a fibroidenoma and asked me if I would like her to biopsy it, I said yes please to make sure. Thank God I did, after biopsy I had to go back a week later, it was a 12mm tumour grade three between two other fibroidenomas. After wle in November 2011, chemo fec x6 and 20 rads I am doing ok. It was triple negative and I am so glad I went with my instincts. I just wanted to tell you both that yes you are young for it to be anything “nasty”, but sometimes, unfortunately, it does happen. You have definately done the right thing in getting yourselves checked out and I will be thinking about you Fluffyy next Tuesday and I hope that your appointment comes through tenamand. I wish you both all the best and please let us know how you get on, Hero.

Sorry to hear about everyone else struggling with breast worries.
I’m in a very similar situation. Found a small lump in my left breast, ignored it for a little while hoping it would go away, before abruptly coming to my senses on waking up one morning and practically flying out of the door towards the doctor’s surgery. The doctor felt the lump and said it is probably fibroadenoma, that it doesn’t feel like any tumour she has ever felt, suggested that I take evening primrose oil, and that I come back in two weeks to have it checked again.
I went away that day feeling greatly reassured but since then the doubt and worry has come back and I just can’t settle my mind. Most of the descriptions of fibroadenoma that I have read say that the lumps tend to be rubbery/smooth and easily moveable. My lump, though really small (smaller than a pea), feels pretty hard (almost like a tiny stone) and doesn’t exactly move around. It doesn’t feel as though it is rooted to one place as such, but it doesn’t move when I touch it.
I will definitely be going back to the doctor soon, but I’d just like to hear some experiences of other women who may have had a similar lump. Did yours turn out to be benign or malignant? I should mention that I’m 22, but I would hate for my age to be a reason that I don’t get checked as thoroughly as possible. If the doctor doesn’t refer me to a specialist shall I push for it? I’m trying my best to be proactive rather than scared!
Also, any opinions on evening primrose oil? I have read that studies suggest it doesn’t do a thing, and others that suggest it doesn’t have an effect until you’ve been taking it for months.
Thank you to anyone who has read through all this! Best wishes to everyone.

Hi girls, glad there is a thread here with 20 somethings posting! I’m 21 and experiencing similar worries and waiting games!

I was referred for an ultrasound after some breast pain and the teeniest bit of nipple discharge in my left breast in january, but when i got there the guy didnt even do the scan, he just examined me (he was very thorough however, so i was glad) and said he was going to leave it because he found no lump.

i was beside myself with worry about my mum at the time, who was having CT scans and a million other things after a chest x ray revealed she might have lung cancer, so i took what i could get and agreed to not have the ultrasound, purely because i couldnt handle any more stress. i was in denial basically.

anyway, now my mum is fine (it wasnt cancer, PHEW), i am back to worrying about my left breast, and think i might have found a lump in the place where it was hurting, which im praying is either normal breast tissue or a fibroadenoma.

what do yours feel like girls? i am trying to tell myself it feels ‘grape like’ so that its a cyst, but i really dont think it does feel grape like. its not really really hard, and i THINK it moves, but its so hard to tell. it might even just be the normal inframammary ridge underneath, but i just dont know.

got another appointment with a different female GP (mine is away for 2 weeks) next friday, but i just know its going to be another referral and weeks more waiting. in the mean time im trying to write my dissertation, which isnt helping!!!

let me know any news on your appointments x

Sorry to put a dampner on things fluffyy, but I was tested with fine needle aspiration and was thought to be a fibroadenoma in 1995 (aged 33). This was a pea shaped small lump on the outer quadrant of the breast towards armpit. Was told to leave it as “it wont turn into anything nasty”. A year later it had changed shape and felt like bark. It was then diagnosed as breast cancer. Treatment followed and then thankfully 16 years free of the disease. However I was diagnosed in April 2012 with secondaries in liver and bones. My advice to you would be to insist it is removed asap.

Ellie459, great news about your mum, and sorry that you’re having health worries. I posted upthread about my own suspicious lump - I have now seen my GP twice and she says she is completely certain it is a benign hormonal lump. However out of sheer stubbornness I’ve asked to see a specialist, so am now waiting for an appt. My GP says she thinks the lump is caused by my contraceptive implant, but the Nexplanon leaflet says that breast lumps are *not* a known side-effect and that all lumps should be checked out. Overall I’m feeling very positive that all is well, but better safe than sorry as they always say.
To answer your Q about what it feels like - mine is really small, and almost feels like a bit of grit in my breast. Some days it feels very hard, like a stone, and other days it feels more spongey. Definitely nothing like a grape. It’s very uniformly round, which I feel is a good thing - I’ve noticed that cancerous lumps are often described as misshapen and jagged.

Hi All,
Sorry to hear we’re all in the same situation! I will have my apt on the 1st of May after waiting 6 weeks for it! I noticed mine while lying down, I turned to lie on my side and thats when I found it. It’s long around 2.5cm and about 1.5 from side to side. It’s close to my nipple at the 1 o’clock position. It feels almost ridge like and very hard and moves slightly. When I stand up and rub my hand from left to right it feels alot smaller like around 1cm so it almost feels like I’m touching just the top. I can’t see any dimpling and I don’t have any problems with my nipples. The first couple of weeks of waiting was horrible but now I have the attitude of ‘it is what it is’ I guess. I’m hoping for the best! I have also had two periods with no changes in lump before, during or after. There is no history of breast cancer so the statistics should be on my side! I have already paid to see a consultant privately as I was so worried, and he put me on the waiting list for an ultrasound and sending me to the breast clinic.
I hope everything works out for the best for everyone.

Hi everyone ,
I think the rule is anything over 3cm shoud be removed regardless (so i was told by my surgeon)for me personally I would have a lump removed as I was unfortunate enough to have what they thought was a benign fibro removed in oct 2011 and after patholgy they found a very rare cancer hidden inside (this is a rare case )so 1 month later I lost my breast (never did like it anyway )my chest wall muscle and had level 3 clearence I think the older you get the higher the risk of breast cancer so if you have a lump maybe this highers that chances of it turning cancerouse ?? who knows .If I knew then what I know now I would have opted for the lump to come out especially as the the 5th decade is the normal sort of age for a fibro to change to my type of cancer after all a firodenoma is supposed to be a younger ladies complaint .
hope this helps
lizzy c

I got my appointment in the post today, it’s next Friday which I’m quite pleased about as I was expecting to get pushed right to the back of the list so to speak! So now begins the next stage of worrying… that the consultant will be annoyed at me wasting his time as I am so young (in BC terms) - argh. I am one of those people who always worries that I am bothering the GP every time I go, etc. I live in fear of a medical professional telling me I am being silly and wasting their time!
Could anyone shed any light on what they will do at this appt? Will it be an ultrasound or will they draw fluid from the lump? It would be great if anyone could share their own experience!
I hope everyone else is doing well. x

Hello everyone I had one 6cm both ways the doctors when I first went stated it was nothing to worry about as it was at first the size of a pea however within 2 weeks doubled to 6cm but ways and was causing me big issues and worry they remove this with an opp and I do have a bigger scar than I thought and I do regularly still check my breasts I knew something was wrong as the lump was making me ill hope you all get sorted and always keep on at your doctors