Fibrocystic Breast / Nodular tissue



I’ve been having on off breast pain on my left side for a couple of months. Went to doctors and nurse examined and told to come back after period. She said left breast was very lumpy and found a lump that I hadn’t found before.


Went back and saw doctor who isn’t worried says she thinks it’s nodular breast tissue but referring me to breast clinic due to family history. I was told it would be in next 10 days I would hear from them but they called the same day I went to doctors.


i can’t shake the feeling of an urgent referral and if it might be something more serious. I can feel the small lump but it feels like breast tissue to me just disconnected from the rest of it. I’ve had a lumpy breast for as long as I remember but the more I prod it and feel it it looks to have swelled on my higher chest and I’m not sure if I can see a dimpling of skin or whether it’s an old stretch mark under my breast from previous pregnancy. 

I guess my post is to see if anyone else suffers from fibrocystic breast and what they feel like? 

Did you ever find out what was going on?