Fibrocystic disease


I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well with what I was trying to find out.

Does fibrocystic breast lumps only come in the form of cysts or can they also be solid round firm etc?

Hi Emma, I see you’ve asked this question on a couple of threads today but I’m not sure we can give you any definite answers, my understanding of fibrosistic disease is it causes lumpy breasts and that’s about all I know, one of my cousins was recalled after a mammogram and had a biopsy but was then diagnosed with FD and not cancer. 

When do you get your biopsy results? I know this waiting period is so stressful and as much as we would love to be able to give you answers there is just no way we can, Breast cancer is complex and shows up in so many different ways and not always a lump so it’s not something we can second guess unfortunately.


Xx Jo  

Hi Jo,

Yeah I put a couple of posts on but my wording was all wrong. I was just curious to what the lumps we’re typically like in fibrocystic disease.

I get my results on Tuesday afternoon. I’ve never stopped googling, I’ve wasted 7 evenings of my life looking for reassurance and coming worse off for it.

I called the clinic today as the bruising is horrendously and the biopsy was cause a large lump. They told me not to exercise until it fades which I’m gutted about as the only thing that took my mind off it was my classes I go to 3 times a week. So I’ve ended up walking 8.5 mile today instead to try and help with the stress

I’m a health anxiety sufferer and have done CBT and been to counseling a couple of times. My head is all over right now.

Hi Jo,

Thank you, I really appreciate your advice and help. It means alot. It definitely feels like a life time. Statistics do seem good, my stupid mind tells me I’ll be the exception to the rule.

I’ve worried about cancer for years, it scares the heck out of me.


Ho Jo,

I am so sorry to hear about your mam and you are having to go through it aswell.

You sound like a very strong woman and I appreciate your advise very much.