Hi. I’m on my early 40s. 5-6 weeks ago I started to have pain in one nipple around the areola which was crusting and discharge. Within days I had what I thought was mastitis (not breast feeding). I saw a Gp who said mastitis and gave me antibiotics. My breast was pretty swollen and red at times and v painful. Three weeks later it hadnt gone so I went back and on examination a lump was found. I was still very tender and still had nipple discharge. He referred me to the breast clinic and age me more antibiotics.
A week later I saw a Breast Surgeon who couldnt find the lump. She did a nipple biopsy of an area where there was no crusting or discharge and I had a mammogram that day. She said that it was probably a secondary infection in the breast through what looked like excezma on the nipple. I went back later that week and she said the nipple biopsy was clear and it was dermatitis but that I had a shadow on the mammogram. She said that it was probaby a cyst and that I would need an ultrsound to confirm and they would aspirate it there and then if it was a cyst and that she would write to me with the results if they tested the cyst or about what the results were. She would also refer me to a dermatologist re the nipple.I pointed out that I still had pain in my breast and that I still had the discharge. She said to use hydracortisone on the nipple and the breast pain would settle. She seemed to be thinking that this was causing the pain as I had had an infection.
Had the ultrasound yesterday and the radiologist said that not a cyst or abcess that it was two solid lumps and [possibly were fibrodenoma- measure about 1.5 and 0.5 each. I said that I had pain in the right hand side of the breast which it turned out is where the lumps are. When she pushed the ultrasound on it it really hurt. She did two core biopsies and I will get the results from the BS next week. She said that she felt the lumps were incidental findings and nothing to do with my breast pain. She said that fibrodenomas do not usually cause pain. She said to pick up a leaflet about breast pain but was v dismissive of it- despite me telling her that it goes under the armpit and I have not been able to lie on my right breast. I also told her that my breast swells (the other one doesnt). She didnt explain why she was so confident of her diagnosis but I presume it was because of the shape of the one lump that I saw which seemed oval/round.
Today thinking well the pain is not in my head I will go and see my GP what he thinks. He tells me that its probably due to the implant in my arm. I have had this pain for approaching 6 weeks. It is only in one breast and is nothing to do with my periods. He said that lumps that size would not cause breast pain. He also said that breast pain is not usually associated with breast cancer( which I had already said to him that I knew and that I wasnt being paranoid I just wanted the pain to go away) He didnt examine me despite me saying that I still had discharge. I don’t have any problem with my other breast and do not have eczema or dermatitis anywhere else. Basically he kept saying Im not sure what you have come to me!
I called the helpline and a lovely lady chatted. Yes you can get breast pain from fibrodenomas. I am a bit worried that they wont be what they say given that I have had a few different possible diagnoses but trying to stay positive given the shape and what I have read. Has anyone had similar symptoms. Was it a fibrodenoma and did they opt for surgery? Anyone else had this type of nipple discharge