Wonder if anyone could shed some light. I’m 20 years old, I noticed a lump in my breast back in 2014. I had it examined and they took a biopsy, it came back to be a fibroadenoma. I decided at the time to just monitor it. However last year I found another and again when back to have it checked which again, another fibroadenoma. However I’ve now decided to get them removed as they can be very painful. I went to my gp who sent my referral letter to the hospital. I’m now just wondering how long roughly will I be waiting for the operation? Months? Weeks? If someone could just tell me their time frame it would be a great help. I worry to much!x

Hi xsoph_louise,

Thank you for getting in touch - I’m sorry to hear about your painful fibroadenomas.

Hopefully someone will be along soon to offer their advice to you - in the meantime you might want to post your question in the Ask Our Nurse section of the forum - our nurses will hopefully be able to give you an indication of how long this process usually takes.

All the best,

Helena at Breast Cancer Care