Fibroids and tamoxifen

Has anyone else developed fibroids or polyps while taking tamoxifen? I was really surprised when I found out I had them and was told they are a side effect of tamoxifen. I knew it was associated with a slightly increased risk of uterine cancer but I wonder if the fibroids and polyp I now have were due to the tamoxifen, or whether it was just due to coming close to the menopause.

They are more common in childless women which I am. Just my luck, I’d been planning to have egg donation in my fifties but I don’t think fibroids will help


Hi Mole - I was on Tamoxifen for 3.5 years (all I could bear due to horrendous hot flushes) and had severe bleeding and polyps which were removed. It is a known side effect. I had had 2 children and was 54 at the time.


I had a cervical polyp removed a couple of months ago by the gynaecologist, and following subsequent abdomen and transvaginal scans and hysteroscopy, an area of thickening and further polyp was found in my womb. I’ve just had a d & c and the polyp removed. I had originally contacted the breast clinic as I was concerned about increase of discharge in past few months. The consultant gynaecologist said the polyps were likely caused by tamoxifen (although I had one several yrs ago before breast cancer).
Incidentally, am 53, childless, been on tamoxifen nearly 3 yrs, had v regular periods until recently, not so regular now, but still coming. No problem so far with excessive bleeding.

I’ve also just had a d and c and hysteroscopy. This was complicated by finding the mirena coil I’d had fitted had displaced itself and the strings had disappeared.

So I had it removed two weeks ago and another one fitted. Ever since then I have experienced bleeding which is getting me down. The idea was to have the mirena to get rid of bleeding. No such luck. I thought the best thing about the menopause would be the pause of bleeding. In my case menopause means constant bleeding.

I am 51, 52 on August the third. I deserve the menopause for my pressie if anyone does