Hi ladies

I had an ultrasound scan of my pelvis a week ago and the radiographer said he could see a few cysts on one of my ovaries and a fibroid in my uterus. I got a call from my GP’s surgery today to say that she’d like me to go back to the hospital in 4-6 weeks time for another scan. I’ve all of a sudden become quite nervous about this as wasn’t expecting any follow up or anything. Has anybody else had any experience of this?


Hi Ruby
I dont know about fibroids … but I have had ovarian cysts. Actually it was when I was pregnant with my second child, I went for a routine check up at 3 months and mentioned a pain in my side when trying to sleep at night - they did a scan (no xray cos I was pregnant) and found 2 cysts one the size of a large organge apparently! I was shocked when they said it needed to come out because it looked like it had a blood supply and would therefore keep growing (some dont and just burst on their own) - I was 3 months pregnant!
I had a full general anasthetic and they cut along my bikini line - made sure the “baby” didnt get in the way and took out the cyst along with my ovary as it was badly damaged.
I was more worried to be honest about my belly bump getting bigger and bigger with the pregnancy whilst trying to heal from the cut along my tummy … but it didnt really cause me too much trouble. This was 21 years ago! so now Im sure they can do even more wonderful things to sort this type of medical condition out!
Apparently cysts are quite common and mostly we dont know they are even there - but even if they have to come out I dont believe they are a sign of anything sinister.

There may be others on here who can offer more experiences or info, either way I would try to stay calm (not easy I know) and maybe the follow up scan will be to see if the cysts have gone or if something needs to be done…good to see you are getting the appointments to treat them either way.

Good luck

I had a large cyst when i was pregnant with my 2yr old. It was orange size and was quite painful. They rescanned me 6wks later and it had shrunk! I was scanned 3 times in all.

They told me they would keep and eye on it but only do something if it started to get bigger-which it didnt.

I Think they like to rescan to check it isnt growing too much.

not much help i guess but everything did settle nicely!