Fibromyalgia/ME and MS diagnoses during/after B/C treatment

Hello everyone, I haven’t posted for awhile now as I’ve been struggling a lot…after several.ops, chemo, Rads, now on a second hormone therapy and taking all sorts of meds…I’ve now got asthma, heart issues, lung/liver issues, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, fibro/me & waiting for an appt with Neurology for further tests regards ME…I have a friend with MS and she encouraged me to ask the GP for the referral to Neurology after I had my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia from the Rheumatologist, as some symptoms are very similar and mine were worrying…recently I’ve been experiencing something they are calling the 'MS hug…has anyone heard of this or have MS? I’ve been on the MS Trust website and the description of the ‘MS hug’ is exactly what I’ve been having, and more often lately too…I might ring the appt centre and chase up my referral before I go nuts! Also the pain I get is horrible lately and I tried Pregabalin & Gabapentin which made me sick, so it’s just paracetamol for now…I need to find something I can tolerate which will help with the pain…Cheers, Michele ?